Monday, August 14, 2006

Mad dog Casanova.

While Casanova 2 keeps selling strong, appearing at the first half of the top 300 comics for the month of July (See here the entire list), Casanova 3 comes out this wednesday, presenting yet another strange adventure of our strange spy.

Click here for a preview.

If there's something I always try to tell everybody who wants to do comics, it's this: you'll only do comics if you're doing comics. You only really learn what works and what doesn't when you're really doing a story, page after page, and everything have to work together. That's when you learn, and that's when you get better.

Bá is getting so much better just by working every month that now, more than ever, I know my statement was true.

I better finish this new script soon and get started on the pages, then.

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