Friday, February 23, 2007


Drawing is like dancing, an art, and, like dancing, everybody can do it.

To dance well, just like drawing well, comes from practicing, but there's also those who have that something else already on them, those who catch faster. Art is in each one's point of view, in what we bring and carry, in what we show, be it your "point of view", your "opinion", your "something extra". Call it talent if you will.

Comics are more than just drawing. It's more than just dancing, it's like an performance, where there's an structure, a choreography that leads the eye and goes through the music, the story, and various elements must be combined to build the picture you want during the performance.

You'll learn, during the music of your story, the steps of this choreography, you'll improvise along the way, you'll come to trust your partner (your art), your colleagues, yourself. Once you trust yourself, you stop worrying about what you're capable and then the challenge of what's the next step begins.

There's a new music beginning, and I wonder who are we going to dance with next.


becky said...

seriously you should write a book about comics. or at least compile some essays! you write with such motivation and conviction, and it's always amazing to read.

Unknown said...

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