Friday, February 09, 2007

Looking at today's day.

Here we are, researching robots again. Yesterday, we finished the new script, so it's just a matter of doing it. A hope to finish the artwork at the end of next week - before Carnaval - so don't expect me to be talkative during robot production. These creatures (machines?) demand much more attention than my regular characters, as they're all too unfamiliar.

Our box of Casanova 7 arrived today on the mail. This is a beautiful issue, and a great finish to the first album. As a reader, even if a very close one, I can't wait to the next one. I feel like I know these characters, and I don't want to see them go.

Bá, artist extraordinaire, will finish his first Umbrella Academy adventure today. He's on the last page. It's all very dramatic, dysfunctional and epic. Like Casanova, Bá's work on this is very different, very fresh, and fun.

Oh yes, fun.


Valéria said...

Hey, Fabio.

can I ask you a question?
feel free to ignore and do not answer, but do you know or have any idea if the umbrella academy is going to be sold here in Brazil?

sorry about the english, I didn't know if a should comment in portuguese or not.


becky cloonan said...

Robots, eh? is this for anything in particular? Maybe a monthly?

I have a feeling I will have to draw a little Carnival in the future (can you guess for which book?) you can take refrence pics for me ha ha! :D Maybe I should just take a vacation and write it off on taxes for "research" ha ha!

These robots look great. I can't wait to get my hands on Umbrella also... very excited. This is a good time for comics. I'm glad to know both of you.

Fábio Moon said...


o Umbrella Academy não tem planos de ser publicado no Brasil por enquanto. Lojas especializadas em quadrinhos devem importam o gibi, assim como sites de vendas online.


Vacation would be better, but we can send you some pics.

Valéria said...

tá beleza! eu já ia importar de qualquer maneira, só queria ter uma versão em português tbm... :)

brigada por responder, fabio!

boa sorte com os lançamentos!

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