Monday, February 05, 2007

What lies ahead?

This is a detail of an illustration I did last week for a brazilian magazine. And that's pretty much all I drew last week, as most of the other projects included thinking, and I'm always finding myself guilty for spending the entire day thinking. A little writing, to put thoughts to paper, but mostly thinking. Mostly in my head.

The good side of only thinking is that, if you need to have ideas, they'll come. You can have ideas all the time, when you're having fun at night, in the middle of a cold shower, any where, any time. But sometimes you NEED to think of something. If you haven't a drawer with ideas stashed for emergencies, there's nothing better than simply stop everything and think.

And think.

And think.

You'll either have an aneurism, or an idea.

This weekend, I had the idea I spent the entire week after. I had it on the beach, while looking in the distance while floating peacefully in the sea. I had it after an entire week talking with Bá every chance we got about it, throwing ideas back and forth, discussing what was exciting about what we wanted to say, and what did I wanted to draw on that story. We would talk on the car, during lunch, in front of the tv and at the studio. We had several good ideas, but not that one I was looking for.

I had to go swimming to find that one.

At the bottom of the ocean, I found out what do robots look forward when they get old.


Unknown said...

"bottle of the ocean"??? tipo, "garrafa do oceano"?? ô figurinha, será que você não tava querendo dizer "BOTTOM of the ocean", não? eu hein, gente doida.

Fábio Moon said...

Pois é. Como seu comentário foi bem-humorado, nem liguei pro erro.
Mas já corrigi.

Unknown said...

isso foi sério ou você tá sendo sarcástico?

Unknown said...

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