Thursday, February 15, 2007


Did you ever wondered "what does it look like at the twins studio"? Wait no more and check it out. Even if all those pictures are two weeks old and now the studio looks completely different (messier) and so do we (we look prettier, if that's at all possible).

And while I'm still in storyboard hell, my robot story is waiting. Looks like I'll have work to do during Carnaval, all of that so I'm fresh and free to begin my project with Matt Fraction after that. Good thing I have a drawing board at the beach.


Sail said...

Great studio guys!

Casanova #7 was terrific, Gabriel! I can't wait for the Robot story, and the new project with Fraction, Fabio!

becky cloonan said...

Okay I have a few things to bitch about: One is beach. You know how cold it is here?? Walking home I thought something would happen like from a manga where my cheeks freeze and shatter into a million pieces and then i spend the rest of my 30 book series fighting demons to get the shards of my cheeks back?? It's freezing. I'm so jealous.

I'm also totally jealous of your work area!! I have.. I don't even have a drawing desk!! And your yard!! Hey, can I come visit? Like, for ever? ha ha!!

I already said I loved this robot piece, so no need to say it again... aw, what the hell. I love this robot piece! I can't wait to see it finished.

Anyway. Arggg. Back to Work!!!

Unknown said...

Tell us more about this project with Matt Fraction. It is the second season of Casanova?

I was reading the Creator´s Conference thread on The Engine and Matt was talking about getting Casanova 8 written for this month. I thought it was a bit strange because as far as I know, Bá finishes his work on 7.

Unknown said...

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