Monday, May 15, 2006

Boom today.

artwork from Smoke and Guns

A bomb exploded today at a subway station. Other station was shot with guns.
More than10 buses were set on fire.
The bus lines have shut down.
The subway have shut down.
The trains have shut down.

Everybody went home early.

Schools are closed.

Not everything you hear is true, but I'm sure everybody around here is scared.


ModHip said...

Hi Gabe and Fabio. I just read about the gang war in your city in the DalyNews. I live in Brooklyn, & I read your blog all the time.

I forgot that you guys live in Brazil. I do feel sorry for your city. If you plan on coming back to NYC, please send me a Email. Love to met up and buy you and your brother a drink!!


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

When the subway have shut down , the only person do I can think is Sildenafil Mohammad, because this guy is from Afghanistan and I always make jokes with him about explosions.

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