Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cover up.

At a certain point, at the beginning of the year, I was going to be the Casanova cover artist, for no other reason than to work with my brother in some way on this project. I love doing covers, if they don't quite turn out the way I wanted. I'm always learning and, sometimes, I have an idea for a cover and don't have the skills to pull it off.

I think the first problem I faced trying to do the cover was the fact that I haven't read the script and, as much as I know most cover artist do not read the actual script, I felt I wasn't really familiar with the story. I had a notion of what the story was about, but had no idea how complex it was, and I chose cool elements from the story for the cover, but they didn't actually had a real importance to the story.

Another problem was a choice of style. Cover art is not internal art, and I really wanted to try something different. I wanted the picture to look like an art poster, like a painting, like a sketchbook drawing, like a movie poster, I don't know, but it shouldn't look to me like a sample from the inside art. That's where I failed completely, as my lack of technique created a hybrid drawing, neither artistic or comic-book like, and certainly not worth of a cover.

The positive note of my tale is, of course, the decision my brother made to do the covers. Seeing how I was not really going anywhere decent with my cover, he decided to do it himself, and do it better - much better. Not trying to be some kind of artist he's not, but still reinventing his art for the covers, he created already three Casanova covers, and they totally rock!

My brother used to say he didn't liked to do covers, and that he didn't know how to make a good cover.

It took me a very bad cover for him to see how wrong he was.

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