Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wonder twins' plans

The weeks pass and the time for new comics is approaching. De:TALES is scheduled to hit shops in two weeks, and it's supposed to look beautiful as hell. It's the work we're most proud of, and in two weeks people will see why.

Casanova will follow shortly, showing us and the world how fast an artist improves just by working every day on comics. Ba has become an amazing force of nature of an artist, and Casanova is the perfect vessel for his transformation.

We cannot stop. Not now, when stuff is actually happening, or ever. But specially now, we must put our twins heads together and come up with exciting new ideas, new projects, new stories. If we had projects waiting a perfect time to begin, now is the time. As good a time as ever, but now we cannot go back.

We're standing at the edge.

We're looking down.





1 comment:

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