Monday, May 08, 2006

Casanova previewed!

CLICK HERE to see the first seven pages of the first awesome issue of Casanova, the new (hell, the FIRST) monthly book drawn by Gabriel Ba.

Lots of action! Lots of girls! Lots of fun!

If you haven't ordered this book yet, go to your comic book store and give them the order code: APR06 1763

While you're at it, give them the order code for De:TALES as well: MAR06 0038

Beginning in June, the comic book world will be pure brazilian twins paradise, so don't miss out on this bus!


Unknown said...

I've been checking your blog once or twice a week and decided that you need more comments. Here goes:

Both De:Tales and Casanova are on my pre-order list. They look fantastic. Anyone reading this should order them NOW.

Keep up the great work guys!

John-Paul McCarthy
Auckland, New Zealand

Fábio Moon said...

John-paul, thanks for the comment. We do need more people speaking their minds around here, that's for sure.


great work on that comics, and over all.
I was especially glad to find your blog since my twin bro and myself are also working on comics together.