Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The year is running fast and May is GONE!
What can YOU do? PRE-ORDER!

1- Freshly out of the tin box, 11 new pages from the up-coming 24seven anthology. Click on the link below and enjoy.

Wanna see our 8 pages story for for this book? Click HERE.

Pre-order code MAY061717.

2- Ready for the action-fun-sexy super-spy event on black, white and green? Pre-order CASANOVA #1 NOW! While you're at it, do it for #2 and #3 and keep doing it.

7 pages preview of issue #1 HERE.

Pre-order code APR06 1763

3- These dudes can draw and they sure talk a lot about their work, but do they really know how to write? Find out what kind of stories the wonder twins ? us ? have to tell that make them so unique. Order your copy of De:TALES right NOW! It is going to run out, and then you can't blame me for not telling you beforehand.

Pre-order code MAR06 0038

What are you doing in front of your computers? GO! NOW!

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