Thursday, January 24, 2008


If you were waiting for the soft cover trade, the wait is over.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Sometimes, my pencils are very loose. Most of the time, actually. I don't think I could work as the "only penciller" kind of artist, as I leave a lot of the art for the inking part.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Together, we're great.

According to this site, we're pretty great, and people should go after the stuff we have done.

Well, they should. Agreed.

Now, because we're in the comic business, some images will follow.

It's hard to jump from one project to the next, and loose drawings like this one will serve the purpose of just drawing for the fun of it, no expectations, no goals. Reclaim the artist you are, that artist who gives himself to the projects he works on, and after you're once more your own, go jump again on another project and tell more stories.

I love coffee, and so does Bá. For us, it's a big thinking and talking fuel, and we just can't do without. Maybe we could, but we sure don't want to.

Today, Dave sent the colored pages from the Umbrella Academy final issue. They look beautiful. His work over Bá's art made us reevaluate our entire work and how we approach it in terms of color. Before, we only wanted to color our pages ourselves. Now, even the stuff we do color will be, in our minds, compared to what Dave did, in that strange inner voice that keeps asking you "What would Dave do?" when you're thinking on ways to color a certain page or drawing.

I received a new script from Matt this week, and it's just the best script I ever read. It's, by far, the best script he's ever written. Now it's up to me to be the best pages I've ever done.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Under a tree.


Sitting under two trees that cast a welcome shadow in a sunny day, I remember that much more than a job, to draw is a pleasure, and a very personal one, one you share only with the paper, with the brush, a movement that takes you anywhere without you ever leaving.

January started as an eclipse, when the sun and the moon meet only to part again from each other. Bá was here yesterday on his last day before he took off to a desert beach, and I returned from a beach to now resume working. We sat together, we ate and we talked, making plans a month ahead. January is solely on each one's shoulder, and we only talk about what we'll do when we're together again. We have a lot of plans, we want to tell a lot of stories. This year can be better than the last, which was already very good, and we have to make it a better year if we want it to happen. We are in the making business, nothing suddenly appears, except for birds and bees, and nothing gets done by itself, except maybe the duration of a day (and not even that, to some, as we can have days to end days, and days to end weeks).

Let's make comics, even if under the shadow of a tree.