Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The candle lit cover

As the solicitations for all Image comics coming out in January 2015 went online, some people noticed (and helped spread the word) that Casanova is coming back with the first issue of our forth volume, Acedia. I'm again handling the art, trying to out crazy my brother's pages from Avaritia while at the same being time haunted by his presence as he'll also contribute to each issue drawing the back stories (written by Michael Chabon). Things will be crazy, and they'll get crazier, and here's the cover of issue 1.


JANUARY 7 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99
Marooned in Los Angeles with no memory of his past, Casanova Quinn takes on the mystery of his criminal benefactor’s tangled and bloody history—as strange occult forces from the future conspire to… do stuff? To him? To Los Angeles? To you? YES.
Featuring the first in a series of backup stories by Pulitzer Prize winner MICHAEL CHABON and CASANOVA co-creator GABRIEL BÁ.

Bright yellows and oranges, and a lot of greys. That's what you can expect on the inside.
The funny thing about this cover is the fact that I drew it during a blackout. I was hard at work on issue 2, but the cover deadline was looming on me, and I ended up leaving it for the last minute (as most of us do), so I was drawing it one night and my entire block went dark.
I waited for a little bit, no sign of the lights coming back, and I started to worry.
The lights didn't come back, so I had to improvise. Luckily, I had some candles at home.


Not ideal, but I made do. Later, Matt wrote me and said:
"jeez, you should work in the dark all the time."