Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Serenity original art at SDCC

July is Comic Con month. SDCC happens from July 11th to July 15th and, once again, Bá and I will travel to San Diego to share a booth with some amazing artist friends: Jill Thompson, Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Rafael Albuquerque. Just like in previous years, we'll have our books there for people to discover. I think we'll have our widest variety yet, from all the Casanova trades to Daytripper, Pixu and both Umbrella Academy trades. If you don't have one of our books and you're going to San Diego, this is your chance to get a signed and sketched copy of any of our recent books.

I'll update the blog with all the incredible stuff we'll have at the booth, so I'll start with the my most recent item: Serenity original pages.

I recently did a Serenity story (published as part of this year's FCBD comic from Dark Horse), working on these beloved Joss Whedon characters, and I'll have the pages for sale at the booth. Mal and his crew had their fun, or at least I had my fun with them.

Here are the black and white versions of the pages. Click on them for the bigger versions:
serenity 01serenity 02serenity 03
serenity 04serenity 05serenity 06
serenity 07serenity 08serenity 09
serenity 10
Excited? Check back for the next post to see which other original pages we'll bring to the show.

Once again, our booth number at SDCC is 1320.

Friday, June 22, 2012

At your doorstep

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tr!ckster Cocktail Hour

Bá and I will participate this year again in the awesomeness that is TR!CKSTER. During Comicon in San Diego, while amazing stuff happens inside the convention center, there's just too much going on, and more and more it's easy to lose focus of what you want, what you love and what you're looking for. For these reasons, some amazing folks created a place outside the convention center where you can focus on creators who do their own comics, and where you can learn and discuss how to become a creator yourself talking with some great talented bunch of authors you admire or soon will discover.
This year, TR!CKSTER is promoting an activity called Cocktail Hour, in which one accomplished creator, or a team of creators, will spend one hour with one person who subscribe, to help develop this person's project. As it's put on the website, "YOU will bring a project you're working on and brainstorm, design, chat, troubleshoot, and create alongside one of your favorite working storytellers. Bring a script, an outline, character designs, comic pages, storyboards, screenplay pages, whatever you need, and experience one of the most focused working sessions of your life as you drink and create, together. Time and day to be mutually determined"

Bá will do one cocktail hour, and I will do another.

What does that mean? What can we do with your project? How can we help you?

- Let's say you're an artist with no script. We can look at your artwork and help you with your technique, with your inking or coloring, with your style. We can tell you what publisher your work fits better, and maybe we can even know who to talk to at the publisher. We can give you advice on how to start writing your own stories, and how that can be different than working with other writers. We can give you tips and advice on self-publishing.
- Let's say you're an artist with a script or project. We can look at your script, your story, your project, and help develop it further, see where it can be improved, talk about schedule, talk about craft and how the art and the words work together to tell your story. We can look at your character designs and help out create the look of your story, help you make your art your own.
- Let's say you're a writer with no artist. We can give you advice and tips on how to find artists, we can look at your script and tell which artist or style to look for, maybe we even know somebody who really fits your project. We can help sketch the characters, think about covers, design, how to package your story to propose your project to a publisher, and what publisher does the kind of books you want to make. We can go over your script and polish it, maybe tell you what artists like to see in a script and what doesn't help the artist to understand what that scene/panel is about, we can help you break down a scene in panels and pages.
winter girl

If I got yourself interested in learning while helping out TR!CKSTER, go to the TR!CKSTER indiegogo page and subscribe to one one hour of intensive learning. It will be tons of fun, guaranteed. There are other amazing artists offering the same Cocktail Hour workshop, so maybe you can also have an amazing time with Jill Thompson and her storytelling and watercolor skills, or you can get expressive, cartoony and funny with Scott C (just to name two), it's your call. While you're checking the link, see all the other ways you can get fun stuff and help maintaining this amazing creator friendly space, buying prints and books.
Let's all meet up at TR!CKSTER and celebrate the art and love of making comics.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


(sketchbook doodles. Click on the images for bigger versions)