Wednesday, March 27, 2019

TCAF pre-show commissions

Back at the end of July, I opened my first commission list for drawings to be delivered at NYCC. I calculated enough time so that I didn't have to hurry on any of the requests, and I think everybody (myself included) were satisfied with what I was able to do. You can check over at my instagram the pieces I did if you search for the #mooncommissions #comoonssions hashtags. They were posted here on the blog as well. I learned with the experience that I can do this, juggle a small commission list with a certain amount of my comics' work, so I'm interested in trying it again to see what else people will ask for, and what my interpretation will be.

I am opening a TCAF pre-show commission list for those interested in having an original drawing by me with the character (or characters) of their choice. I'll hand deliver these drawings in Toronto during TCAF, so you need to be there in May (you can have somebody be there on your behalf as well).

If you're interested in a private commission and want to know more, please write to for more information. Because of my own limits, this is not a very big list, so there's a chance that, by the time you read this, you'll get on the waiting list.

(TCAF is one of our favourite shows, so we're excited to go back)