Friday, January 28, 2011

And then...

I'm writing something for another blog that I could have easily written for this one. It's about our work and about our love for comics, and about our inspirations and influences for Daytripper. We've said something about it in here before, and I guess we could talk about it for days, months, even years. We love what we do and, if we're not careful, we talk about it ALL THE TIME.

Kinda boring if you're in a conversation circle and it's not a hot topic.

Luckily for us, since Daytripper is coming out next week as a trade in comic shops, we had the opportunity to talk about work a lot in half a dozen interviews, so we're more than satisfied in that area. Let's turn our attentions to another area, then, called "future projects".

self 26/01/2011

I did this sketch at the beach while thinking about this "future projects" area.

It's a nice area.

A secret area.

Kind of like Area 51, you know. Secret. If you think that 51 is the brand of strong pinga here in Brazil (not the best one, I'm afraid), then I think we have the perfect mix of influences to try to start to explain our future projects.

Except that we're not going to explain our future projects.


That would ruin the fun, now wouldn't it?

We're just going to go back to work.


Disclaimer: the picture above has nothing to do with the so called "future projects". I just thought it looked nice.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Work awaits

Work awaits after lunch
A quiet picture.
The calm before the storm, almost.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sandman

the Sandman

I remember when I first read a Sandman comic. A girl in my class at freshman year of College lent it to me when I told her I wanted to do comicbooks. I had a huge crush on that girl, so I would have read anything, I guess, but I'm glad she had the entire Sandman collection up to that point to lend me.

To think that I have, in recent years, met Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, became friends with Jill Thompson (who I have shared a booth with at SDCC in the past two years, but have met and admired since 1998), all that makes something inside my chest go warm and happy.

Dream big, dream always, and go after your dreams.

Who knows where life will take you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


18 jan 2011
When you're writing a script, it seems you only read and write all day long. And, after you had spent so much of your time over the past few years drawing page after page in a frenetic pace, this new routine appears to me to be a deceivingly easy. Writing is not easy at all, and when you have to read for research, it's not as relaxing as reading for fun, but just the lack of drawing makes me feel I'm not working.
It's a silly thought.
A recurrent silly thought.
A daily one.
Back to work.
Or back to reading and writing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well, CASANOVA is back on full throttle. The marvelous LUXURIA TP is out and the brand new edition of GULA 1 is out there to show how awesome Fábio is and how he managed to kick my ass on the art – AND ON THE COVERS!!!. New interviews, new back-up stories, new mind blowing colors and handwritten letters.
What are you waiting for?

Oh, and yeah. New material is coming out this year. You won't wanna miss that.
And to start the new year with the coolness expected from the realms on the Quinn family, here's the cover of GULA 4. Pa-ZOW!
Casanova GULA 4

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our big book arrived

Daytripper trade has arrived!

It's beautiful.
Craig Thompson's introduction is also beautiful.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lima Comics, PERU!

Our first international commitment of 2011 will be Lima Comics, in Lima, Peru, on March 16th 'till the 20th.
Other international guests include Horacio Altuna, Eduardo Risso, Ariel Olivetti, Gustavo Sala and Martin Canale from Argentina, José Villarubia from Spain, and Vertigo editor Will Dennis.

See you guys there!
More information on the festival's Facebook Page

Nuestro primer compromiso internacional del 2011 será Lima Comics, en Lima, Perú, el 16 de marzo hasta el día 20.
Otros invitados internacionales son Horacio Altuna, Eduardo Risso, Ariel Olivetti, Gustavo Sala y Martín Canale de Argentina, José Villarubia de España, y el editor de Vertigo Will Dennis.

Nos vemos allí!
Más informaciones en la página de Facebook del festival.

Going... Bang bang!