Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Morning walk with the dog

Nothing comic-book-related to report this time, expect the impression this photo of my brother walking my sister's dog around the empty streets of early sunday morning São Paulo could have been a scene of Daytripper.
Also, paying close attention to the picture, I noticed Bá is wearing his DeathFace t-shirt, which is the product of Ivan Brandon and Chuck BB's imagination, and should be coming out as a comic from Offset Comics in a not so distant future.

Friday, August 23, 2013

10 times 10


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The class

I can comfortably put ten people sitting in two tables in the main studio room, and that still gives me enough room to stand in front of then and use the white board or the tv to show examples of narrative through the use of images and words. Still, I felt I could have more people, so I opened up two classes, one on monday nights and the other, on tuesdays. Soon enough, I had twenty students enrolled in my two month class on the possibilities in creating visual narratives and, after eight years since we last opened our studio to students, my entire routine changed as I'm starting to get to know each one of them and their particular desires and works.

They're a very eclectic bunch, ranging in age from 17 to 37, with a lot of people interested in drawing, but a good number more interested in writing, and all willing to try to merge these two creative activities in the comic form. This week, I'm having nude figure drawing in the class, and it's a very interesting exercise to note how even those who are more used to drawing are not naturally used to paying attention at what they see, as figure drawing is much more learning how to look than learning how to draw (at least that's what I take most from it).

Even after we stopped giving classes at the studio, we continued to give workshops and lectures about comics, the narrative form, the history of the medium, our history in it, so there's a lot of subjects I could talk about, and have talked about, when it comes to teaching comics. I'm constantly curious to research new authors and new stories, new styles, trying to know everything great being done in comics around the world, but there's something different in this class now. To balance what I can talk about comics when I use the great comics and great authors as an example and to try to see what the work of the students show, and where it leads, it's sometimes like being on both ends of a road.

An exciting long road, in which I'll be traveling with the students for the next two months.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Liberty, Killjoys and EDITORS

Two of the recent covers I've done.

The first one is for the CBLDF's Liberty Annual 2013. The editor for this anthology changes every year and this one's Scott Allie. I did this cover and Fábio also has a little story in there. It will be out in October by Image Comics.

Liberty Annual 2013

And also my variant cover for THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS #5, crazy mini series by Gerard Way, Shaun Simon and Becky Cloonan. Edited by Sierra Hahn and published by Dark Horse, this will also be out in October.

Killjoys #5 cover

There's a lesson to be learned here. Make friends with editors. Get to know their names, what books they edit, who they work with. If they like your work and they trust you, they'll get you cool gigs.