Friday, April 18, 2008

Choosing the time.

If the day was longer, we could do so much more. The way that is is, we have to choose the projects we'll do and hope to do others later. The choosing is tricky when you have lousy options, as you have to see which one you think you can salvage or reinvent, but it's even more difficult when your options are all good.

The opposite applies then: look at the projects you can't leave for later, the ones that are exploding in your brain and need to be put on paper, look at the people you most want to work with, and really see what you want to do right now. These are the projects you must do, and you do them to keep the fire burning so you'll shine when you do every other thing.

Monday, April 14, 2008

nominations for the Eisner Awards

Today is a really special day. They've just released the list of Eisner Awards nominees and Fábio and I have been nominated for a couple of awards.

Best Limited Series - Umbrella Academy (Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá)
Best Online Comic - Sugar Shock (Joss Whedon and Fábio Moon)
Best Anthology - 5 (Becky Cloonan, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Grampá and Vasilis Lolos)

If you haven't seen 5 yet, you can order it online from Khepri, or look for Becky and Vasilis at the upcoming NYCC.
Congratulations for all the other nominees, including Ivan Brandon and his 24seven (also running for best anthology), Dave Stewart for best coloring, Matt Fraction and the crew of The Immortal Iron Fist (best new series) and Sensational Spider-Man Annual (best single issue), Brian Wood (best writer) and Chuck BB (special recognition).

Also on the nomination news, Umbrella Academy has just been nominated for 2 Eagle Awards, as Favourite new comic and Favourite Cover (for issue #1).

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yesterday's work felt good, and it felt right, and soon enough it was over. Plans for different kinds of celebration were held, and the day went as any other. However, I like to believe yesterday was a special day.

It feels like the year ended, and in some ways it has, a little late, like everything here in Brazil that waits Carnaval is over for the year to really start. I feel like Carnaval is finally over. I lighted a candle during dinner as we should do in the last day of the year, and I wished for the best. I spent a year working in Casanova, helping create and shape a world, and now this year is coming to an end. A new year approaches and a very different journey is about to begin.

Happy new year.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Beautiful day

"Today is a beautiful day to finish a story", I thought as I walked to the bakery in the morning to buy some bread. Yesterday, as I went to bed, I knew today I would have only one page left to finish my last issue of Casanova, and so today was to be a special day.

Today is suit day.

The sun, the birds singing and the breeze coming from the open window of the studio only make this day a more pleasant, more peaceful and more special one.

As I turn this page, one story ends. It's time to start another.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Doesn't say much, I know. But...

Prof. Solano Castillo

That's all I can say... for now.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Another day, another page

Casanova 13 is out in the open, and I'm basically all that stands between the reader and Casanova 14, since I'm still drawing our double-sized last issue. When all is said and done, I hope people forget the issues that came out late and focus on the quality of the work, which should be the only concern.

I wonder if peole will notice the change of styles midway through the last issue, but I rather think the story will keep the reader busy enough that nobody will even pay attention to the art.

I'm on page 22, by the way, so it shouldn't be long now.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Panel 2, page 19

Panel 2

On Ruby B. and Seychelle. Ruby gesticulates, concerned. Seychelle checks the data on a floating computer.

Ruby B: Are you sure it's him? Have we found him?

Seychelle: Just give me one moment.

. . .

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

New style

For the past four months, I can't find the brush I use to buy anywhere in the city. It's sold out. I've been treating my brush real nice and it's lasting a lot of time, but there's just so much I can take. The time has come for DESPERATE measures!

I'm changing my style, and from now on I'll only draw like this: