Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Daytripper 4 solicited!

After almost two years sailing in the dark, it's great to finally have the first issue of Daytripper on the stands, on everbody's hands, on so many reviews. And it is also good to look ahead and see where we are taking the readers. It's a long journey and we have just started.

Daytripper 4 cover

On sale MARCH 10 • 4 of 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS

“Honest and arousing, everything about Fabio Moon’s artwork is sexy – even when it’s dirty and lonely. Once I started reading DAYTRIPPER, I couldn’t put it down!”Jeff Smith (Bone)

It’s a day of celebration as Brás’ son is born! But why is Brás’ mother at the hospital before him? And when it comes to his family getting bigger, why might he not want to welcome all its new

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good Company

At the Vertigo Blog, you can find a very interesting line-up of artists. To be on the same book as them is thrilling. When I agreed contributing, I had no idea who else would be on the book.

I did my best, and I'm very happy with my pages, but right now all I can think of is "what will everybody else on the book be doing?"

Here's one of mine:

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Daytripper day!

Daytripper is out today.

Every new day something can happen or you can meet someone that will change your life forever. These kinds of surprises make life an adventure and that's the kind of feeling we want the readers to have on Daytripper, our new 10 part limited series at Vertigo.

Today is one of those days.

We gave an interview to Comic Book Resources a month ago about the series, and another to Newsarama this week. We've written about the concept of the story and talked about our literary influences.

Our editor Pornsak has a delightful input on the process of getting the first cover right over at the Vertigo blog (and that's not even half of it).

Gerard Way, my partner on Umbrella Academy, sent the following quote about the series:

“From being two kids flying their portfolios halfway across the world to comic conventions, Gabriel Bá and and Fábio Moon are finally realizing their life’s work frighteningly young. Beautifully written and utterly gorgeous, DAYTRIPPER completely blew me away. Even more startling is the fact that for them this is truly just the beginning.”

Enough talk. It's time. Daytripper is out today and it will change everything.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Talking about the trip

"Have you ever realized how our lives can change at any given moment? Have you noticed how we can plan ahead all we want, but we're always surprised by the unexpected? And that, afterwards, we end up with a sum of moments, both good and bad, that really define who we are, what we want, and what we love? Well, such roller coasters of ordinary life happen every day, and that's what DAYTRIPPER is about."

That's part of our "On the Ledge" text that can be read on every Vertigo book this month and also here.

DAYTRIPPER is 10 issues mini-series and it's a story about life and all the little moments that ask the big questions. It's an adventure just like life itself, a journey where it's not so important where you're going, but how you get there.

Fábio and I are really excited about this. More than the day this idea struck me, more than the day the project was accepted, now the time has come for it to become a reality. We gave a long interview to Comic Book Resources almost a month ago about the series, but now this is actually happening and we want everyone to be there when it does!

I was talking to Gerard last week, chatting about life, traveling, comics and music, and we talked a lot about Daytripper. How could we not? Fábio had the camera ready and we got it all recorded, just so we could share this very special conversation about our very special project.

DAYTRIPPER #1 will be on the stands this wednesday, December 9th, and you should all go to your favorite comic-stores and be part of this story.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


A week from now, Daytripper will hit the comicshops all around the U.S. (all around the globe, soon after that).

A week from now, what started with one sentence and became an idea, what had been our first ever pitch to anything and turned into our first Vertigo project, a series of 10 chapters, will finally become a reality.

A week from now, Daytripper will change our career. It will change our lives.

It will change yours too.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"This doesn't look like someone's FIRST comic at all!", I though as I read it. I wish all first comics looked this good, this crisp, this funny.

is Gustavo Duarte's very first comic, and it's amazing.

I know Gustavo for many years now, and we met in a Caricature event. I was doing caricatures for free at the park for some event, along with my brother and another friend, and when the event asked us to have more people working, our friend brought Gustavo.

And boy he was good at doing caricatures.

I soon discovered he world as a cartoonist on a sports newspaper and soon I realized not only was he good, he was really into comics. As I followed his blog, I kept seeing various comics related cartoons, some that he used on his work, and some he did out of pleasure.

Bá and I, we're stupid. We can't see an itch and we feel this need to scratch it. Somebody can have a very easy going and succesful life, but if we see this person has the "comics itch", we'll go there and scratch it until it grows. Some people want that itch to grow and need an excuse, and we love to be somebody's excuse to do comics.

Gustavo wanted to do comics. He might have wanted to do just one comic book. I told him "Go", and I kept telling him every time I saw him.


I'm so glad he went. And what an amazing comic he did.

This year, in San Diego, I convinced Gustavo to go to the convention and sell his comic there ( I guess this was another excuse he had to do it) and it was awesome to see the response of the public. is a funny comic, and there's nothing better than seeing people holding a funny comic and, suddenly, they would start laughing. Comedy must be immediate, and the response should be equally fast, and Gustavo hit all the right notes in his comic.

His VERY first comic.

He told me he would be happy if he could have done only one comic. And that he did, but soon he discovered what people discover when they start doing comics:

When you finish, it feels great because you did it.

When you finish, you can't wait to start the next one. It's addictive.

While Gustavo is already planning his next comic, you can look for at my favorite online retailer, Khepri.com (click here to get your copy). If you don't live in Brazil, Khepri is your best option to find this comic before it sells out.

And then you'll agree with me, and you'll join me as we wait for whatever is next.

note: all the images above on this post were drawn by Gustavo.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daytripper 3, DMZ 50 and a conversation

Did you buy any Vertigo Comics this week? Last week? Well, if you did, you saw the Daytripper preview (a different one from the one that went online yesterday) printed inside. But, in case you missed it, along with the preview there was a conversation with Bá and me about the book, and that conversation is now online at the Vertigo blog.

Also, the solicitations for February are online and so is our lovely cover for Daytripper 3.
Written by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá
Art by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon
Cover by Gabriel Bá
"I hate you, you piece of s---!" Those were her last words before she left him. If all we need is love, how do we keep going once we lose it? To find out, Bras' father will take him to the desert and take Bras' best friend to an art show.

Vertigo 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers
On Sale February 10, 2010

WAIT! There's more.

Also on February, Vertigo will release DMZ #50, and it will be an special issue with several guest artists, including me. That's the story I'm drawing this month along with my regular Daytripper pages, and this issue of DMZ will come out the same day ad the third issue of Daytripper.

I have to get back to work. I'm very excited about this series, I'm excited about next year, I'm excited about comics in general, but I really need to lower my head a bit and focus on some pages.

Thanks for the support and patience. The wait is almost over.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Big preview of Daytripper 1

What a day.

Today, at the Vertigo blog, you can check out an extended preview of the first issue of Daytripper. The cover and the first 8 pages are there for you to enjoy, get a glimpse of our new series, and hopefully they'll leave you craving for more.

In October, while visiting our studio, Ivan Brandon read the first 5 issues and said that Daytripper "is one of the most unique and heartbreaking books you'll ever read". I hope more people feel that way.

Tonight is tango night. It's always better to tango when you feel you have something to celebrate. As we get closer to the release date of the first issue, I feel every day I should be celebrating. Working at the same time, but still finding some time to celebrate.

As I tango, I suppose the internet will provide another treat tonight: the cover for the third issue of Daytripper. I'd keep my eyes open for that one. And to finish this post with something new to show, here's a sketch I did back in August as Bá and I were still figuring out what were we doing for the cover of issue one. Bá came up with the idea of Brás (our main character) sitting in the bench with his dog, Dante (yes, I'm giving away names, but that's because they're all on the preview I linked above), and I started to play with the background image and then Bá took that thought and created the awesome first cover.

Friday, November 13, 2009

13 at night.

Friday 13th. Here I am at night, headed home. First, I stop to think about all these things that seem to be happening at the same time.


I put aside my X-Men curiosity for a while. It was getting in the way of my pages. It was getting serious in an unhealthy kind of way. When time allows, I'll get back to it as the curiosity is still here, alive and kicking, but there are more urgent matter kicking harder. I did, however, managed to do some more sketches of the X-Men. And what trouble did they bring. I can tell you it's not easy to draw those people.

But back to what takes most of my time: Daytripper.

The release of Daytripper is getting closer and closer. Finally, after more than a year working on it, it's finally happening. We have never been so proud of anything we did like we are of Daytripper, and I think it really shows how much we like this project when we realize how much hard work it requires from us. We do everything the same we did with any other project, but it just seems harder, like it's so much more personal that it hurts to get it done, to get it out. Matt Fraction told us writing Casanova was a lot more trouble than writing anything else, so I guess it's expected.

Talking about Matt, he spent the entire week answering all sorts of questions on the WhiteChapel forum, and I found it very interesting for anyone who wants to know more about writing and making comic books for bigger and smaller publishers. I also liked that questions were balanced between his Marvel work and Casanova as it shows that readers are waiting for the book's return. We've been planning the book's return for some time now and it was very nice to see Matt share some information of the hows and whens of it. Everybody should check out that discussion, I couldn't help it myself and made some questions, and I ended up answering some as well.

That's how we'll learn: getting out there, making questions, trying things out by ourselves.

I have a lot of faith for the future of comics and I welcome all the hard work involved in being a part of this present and this future. I won't be easly scared if things get rough. Not now, on a friday 13th at night, and not ever.

Don't you just love comics?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday sketch

I think this is my very first Sandman. Done over my coffe-break.
Happy birthday, Neil.

Monday, November 09, 2009


Friday, November 06, 2009

the talk of X-Men

A week ago, I was thinking about Casanova and I read something on Matt's twitter about what he wanted to do someday in a story, and I joked ( on my twitter) he was already doing that on his X-Men. All this silly talking soon turned into a "what if I did draw the X-Men?" that got my corner of the internet talking.

I got curious.

Just the day before that, I was talking to Grampá, Rafa and Cobiaco I didn't thought I was a good fit for super heroes just because I wasn't curious to see super heroes in my style. I'm curious to see Grampá drawing them, or Paul Pope, or John Cassaday, or even Bá, but not me.

Now you imagine you're crazy like me, and then you mix the conversation with Grampá and the internet cheering, and then my curiosity suddenly grew and looked me in the face, challenging me.

I fed this challenging curiosity a few days, researching the current X-Men.

I opened the sketchbook during one of my many coffee breaks.

I just let my curiosity drive my hand.

My hand drew Casanova characters.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Thursday, October 22, 2009


It was in the end of 2008 when Diana called us to do a story for her Noir anthology. Of all the things she could have said to invite us to the project (we would have done it in a blink anyway, because it was for her), she just had the perfect two words:

Brian Azzarello

We've known Brian for some time and it was just great to finally be able to work with him. He's got this twisted mind, one that sometimes we wished we had when we're coming up with new stories, and it was nice to get inside his twisted mind for a while and draw this story.

Now, the book is out. Check the link here and look for it on your comic book store. There's a great selection of crime fiction in it from a all star list of creators. I'm a suspect, for I love all of Diana's anthology projects, but this one is a killer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SUGARSHOCK all-in-one!

Sugarshock is out today is fine comic book stores across the country. Finally, the story in an awesome "all in one" package, with tons of sketches, pencils and concept art. You can't miss it this time around.

And, if you think you still didn't have enough, some of the originals for the pages are still available for sale at the Beguling, including the cover for the one-shot, which I think I did a pretty awesome job (it definetly makes me want to do more covers).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daytripper 2 solicited!

Now that we're done with the artwork from BPRD 1947,we're only working on Daytripper. It's great to work on only one project at a time. Specially when it's your story. Your art. Your baby.

We love our baby.

Let's hope you love it too when it hits.

Daytripper #2

Written by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon
Art by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá
Cover by Gabriel Bá

While traveling through idyllic rural Brazil, Bras and his best friend Jorge are having the time of their lives. Staring nature in the eye, learning more about the local people and customs – life is good and the future is bright. But when Bras meets the incredibly sultry Olinda, suddenly nothing is so certain anymore.

Continuing the highly anticipated, rich new series from Eisner Award winners Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon!

Vertigo 32pg. Color $2.99 US Mature Readers
On Sale January 13, 2010

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lovely interview on A Comicbook Orange!

Awesome Casey McKinnon interviewed us during this year's San Diego Comic Con. Here's the treat!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At our last day at the brazilian festival, after a night of heavy partying at the rock bar, we discovered that I WON AN HARVEY AWARD for best artist yesterday.There's no better way to celebrate it than to have your friends with you, and there are not anyone we want to tell this more than our fans.

Thanks for being here and supporting our books.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Brazil keeping us busy.

Dash Shaw came to Brazil last month (and he talks about it here and here) to promote Bottomless Belly Button and we ended up participating in two panels with him. After one of them, I drew this sketch of him while he was signing (above). the publicist from the publisher took a picture while I was doing the drawing

This week, we're busy (when are we not?). Bá is working on the third Daytripper cover, I'm drawing interior pages and we're getting ready for FIQ, a festival that happens in Belo Horizonte every two years. Ivan Brandon, Craig Thompson and Ben Templesmith are some of the guests this year besides us. Also, we're releasing the brazilian edition of The Umbrella Academy this week, and also the brazilian edition of PIXU. Vasilis and Becky are coming for the party, and they're staying so we can cook something up while we're here.

I hope that, before the end of the year, we'll have plenty of news to share of the possible future projects, but right now we're very excited with the projects we're currently working on, and we just want to focus on making Daytripper as great as we think it can be. From now until December, make sure you make your retailer order Daytripper, 'cause you won't want to miss on this ride. Two issues left on BPRD 1947 for the readers, so that's probably the Moon/Bá art fix until Daytripper hits. And the end of BPRD is totally worth it. It's AWESOME! Don't miss it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daytripper 1 solicited!

Finally, we're soliciting DAYTRIPPER. You can check out a preview of the first pages clicking here. Like it says, it will be "a Brazilian slice-of-life limited series, featuring beautiful women, friendships, family and complete unpredictability". That, and so much more, we hope. The solicit reads as follow:

Written by Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon
Art by Fábio Moon & Gabriel Bá
Cover by Gabriel Bá

They were two of Entertainment Weekly’s Top 100 stars to watch. They’ve won multiple Eisners and have worked with the top names of comics and pop culture from Joss Whedon (Sugar Shock) and Mike Mignola (BPRD: 1947) to Gerard Way (Umbrella Academy) and Matt Fraction (Casanova).

Now, Brazilian wonder twins Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá are back writing and drawing in a hauntingly lyrical series set in their native Brazil. With DAYTRIPPER, they follow in the tradition of Craig Thompson, Paul Pope and David Mazzucchelli – cartoonists at the top of their game making comics about the quiet moments that ask big questions. Brás de Oliva Domingos is an obituary writer with a famous father, a career he hates, and tons of questions. How does a person become a successful writer? How does a man get out of his father’s shadow? But those concerns will dwarf the surprise he’ll find in the first issue – a twist both he and readers will never see coming, which will grow into a mystery about the meaning of life itself.
On sale December 9 • 1 of 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS

Saturday, September 19, 2009



sketch for an astronaut we had to do in a story for a brazilian anthology.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More and less

mais ou menos

Two characters I never used for one of the stories Bá and I created that never left the ground. Someday I might still use the characters in another story. I liked their names.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Four panel sketch

 brush pen sketch

I was testing this new brush pen Bá bought. Good tip, but it's not waterproof. Because of that, I can play with it and pretend I'm doing cool ink washes, but it's not what I would trust my art on if I'm doing story pages. Definetely an improvement when it comes to sketching and designing stuff, because regular pens, or even pencil sketches, are very different from what I do with brushes.

Let's see what this new tool will do to my sketchbooks.

Back to the pages now.

Friday, September 04, 2009

night sketch

Yesterday I did this doodle on the table paper at a bar. I think he'll be in a page next week.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bá and Hazel

Bá and the character he created (thanks to a group of enthus... on Twitpic

We're no longer safe, not even in Brazil. I expect Cha-Cha with the briefcase and the atomic bomb.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Always exploring.

Polvo rascunho

Last week of August is upon us, and the work never stops. The pile of work never diminishes, the bubbling mind never quiet, the hand never content, the eye always open, always searching, always thinking.

Creating has no on and off. To create is to be, and while we are, we're working.

We just did a pin-up for an artist we admire. It wasn't on our schedule, but we can't always plan every single step of our days ahead of time. It's an improvisation, constantly changing, and you need a constant so you won't get lost.

You must love something or you'll get lost.

Love someone, love your work, love your family. This will help you to navigate through the storms.

I love storms. Couldn't live without them.

I dream of calm seas, and these dreams make me want to sail to distant corners of the world chasing storms.

The comic book creators are explorers.

Let's explore.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

BPRD 2 is out.

Simon Katharina

The second issue of BPRD 1947 is out, and we're working hard on the last two issues. If you liked how the story is going, it only gets better.

Simon and Katharina are my favorite characters. Lucky for me, they're the ones I'm drawing. But that's all before I started drawing the whole Hecate festival. Now, that's fun. This is the kind of story where the artist can play around, and the festival is the kind of scene we wait in a story like this. And it only gets better.

Back to the drawing board now. It only gets better, but not by itself.

Monday, August 03, 2009

taking the spotlight.

It was great to have a spotlight panel at this year's Comic-Con. I have always learned a great deal about making comics by listening to the story of other artists, and so it was great to have this opportunity to basically talk for an entire hour about the way we love to make comics, even when it's not easy, and what we learn every day.

We have to get back into "making comics" mode, so I'll leave you with an excerpt from the spotlight.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

At the end of another day, we remember.

SDCC 09 people

Going to San Diego is great. We see our old friends and we always meet new ones. We have a great time, even with the long hours working at the booth. We were tired every night, but away we went at dinners and bars, because that's when you have time to relax and talk to the people you know you never see during the convention because everybody is busy working.

Every morning, we were early eating and getting our strength back, for another day of awesomeness was waiting for us.

Dark Horse Dinner

Now it's time to get back to work. All of you, go! Let's make more comics! Let's be great, let's succeed, fail, make mistakes and learn. Most of all, let's tell more stories.

Let's continue.

Friday, July 24, 2009

SDCC, BPRD and Daytripper at the Vertigo panel

We're having a great time at the Comicon this year. Had a awesome signing (thanks to everyone who stop by) with people bringing Roland, Casanova, De:TALES, Umbrella Academy and BPRD. It really show that people are starting to follow our work. It shows we have a work.

Our signing at Dark Horse booth

We were on the Vertigo panel about the new series and the crime line.
Here's a little of our share of it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


We won't have a booth this year, which means we'll be everywhere. Look for us, stop us on the street, be friendly. You'll have plenty of chances to find us. If we're not on a panel or not signing, chances are we're hanging around at the coolest booth of the con (#1322) with our friends Becky Cloonan, Jill Thompson, Brian Wood and Cliff Chiang, so make sure you stop at their booth, 'cause they have the coolest looking books out there!

!! EDIT !!
WE WILL HAVE A BOOTH!! And it is exactly booth #1322 with Becky Cloonan, Vasilis Lolos, Jill Thompson, Brian Wood and Cliff Chiang. We won't be there all the time, but now it is much easier to find us!!

We'll be bringing new originals (from Umbrella Academy, Sugarshock and other projects) to sell, but we're still not sure how or where we'll do it. After the convention, online sales and shipping of originals will continue with the nice folks from Beguiling (link for Bá's originals and link for Fábio's originals)

We think we have all the information about our panels and sigining schedule, and they go as follow:

THURSDAY, July 23rd

- 4:00pm-5:00pm - Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá signing at the Dark Horse booth (#2615)

- 6:00pm -7:00pm - Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line (Room 5AB)

It's a new beginning for Vertigo with the launch of new ongoing titles such as The Unwritten, Greek Street & Sweet Tooth. In addition to these titles we will be launching the highly anticipated Vertigo Crime Line with some of the top talents in the industry. Hosted by Senior VP - Executive Editor, Vertigo, Karen Berger and Senior Editor Will Dennis, this panel is not to be missed, especially considering the talent present: Peter Gross (Unwritten), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, The Nobody), Jason Starr, Chris Gage, Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon and others!

FRIDAY, July 24th

- 12:30pm-1:30pm Spotlight on Fábio Moon- (Room 10)
Meet Eisner Award–winning Brazilian cartoonist Fábio Moon (Sugar Shock!, 5) as he shares his love for comics and talks about working with his twin brother Gabriel Bá (Umbrella Academy), collaborating with high-profile creators Matt Fraction (Casanova), Joss Whedon (Buffy), and Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and what's next. Lots of images to show, with a fun Q&A to follow.

I think I'll have a signing right after the panel, somewhere, somehow. I'll update this space as soon as I know more.

- 5:30pm-6:30pm - Vertigo: View of the Future
 (Room 5AB)
Vertigo, DC's edgiest and most provocative imprint, returns to San Diego! Come and discover what's going on at the imprint that birthed The Sandman, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Fables and more? Wait 'til you hear about what new projects the Vertigo team is going to thrill us with next! Hosted by Senior VP - Executive Editor, Vertigo, Karen Berger, Group Editor Shelly Bond, and Senior Editor Will Dennis, with Jason Aaron (Scalped), Mike Allred, Mark Buckingham (Fables), Josh Dysart (Unknown Soldier), Peter Gross (Unwritten), Amy Hadley (Madame Xanadu), Jeff Lemire (The Nobody), Chris Roberson, Matt Sturges (House of Mystery), Matt Wagner (Madame Xanadu), Bill Willingham (Fables, House of Mystery), G. Willow Wilson (Air), Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders), and others (WE ARE THE OTHERS)!

- 6:00pm - 7:00pm - Umbrella Academy signing with Gabriel Bá and Gerard Way at the Dark Horse booth (#2615)

8:30pm - The Eisner Awards
Lots of friends were nominated, and Bá was nominated, and here we go again to see what will stand out in the middle of an outstanding year for comics.

SATURDAY, July 25th

-12:00pm - 1:00pm - signing at the Vertigo booth (#1915) (maybe?)

-5:00pm - 6:00pm - signing with Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá at the Comic Relief booth.

SUNDAY, July 26th

-12:00 pm- 1:00 pm - PIXU Signing at the Dark Horse booth (#2615)
Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Becky Cloonan, Vasilis Lolos

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paraty sketches

We had some time to sketch during our weekend at the Festival in Paraty. No pressure, no worries, no plan. Drawing is fun, you know, and some times we can forget that part.

Paraty sketch 01

Paraty sketch 02

Paraty sketch 03

Paraty aquarela 01

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Recent mirror

photo by Tomás Rangel, taken this past weekend during the literary festival in Paraty.

photo by Sergio Fonseca of our talk (which opened the festival's program).

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

July has begun with horror!

Our new enterprise into the helms of horror will hit the stores this week.

PIXU: Mark of Evil!, the collected, hardcover edition of our Harvey nominated mini-series done last year with Becky Cloonan and Vasilis Lolos. Beautiful book!
And BPRD: 1947 part 1 of 5, the dream of every cartoonist, working with Mike Mignola on the Hellboy-verse, and there're Vampires!

As the publishers start to announce their panels on the San Diego Comic Con, we start to have a notion of how busy (or not) the convention will be for us this year. Since we won't have a table anywhere, if you want to find us you better go to these panels.

So far, That's what we know:

Thursday, July 23rd:
- 6:00 -7:00 Vertigo New Ongoing Series/Crime Line

It's a new beginning for Vertigo with the launch of new ongoing titles such as The Unwritten, Greek Street & Sweet Tooth. In addition to these titles we will be launching the highly anticipated Vertigo Crime Line with some of the top talents in the industry. Hosted by Senior VP - Executive Editor, Vertigo, Karen Berger and Senior Editor Will Dennis, this panel is not to be missed, especially considering the talent present: Peter Gross (Unwritten), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, The Nobody), Jason Starr, Chris Gage, Gabriel Ba, Fabio Moon and others! Room 5AB

Friday, July 24th
- 5:30-6:30 Vertigo: View of the Future

Vertigo, DC's edgiest and most provocative imprint, returns to San Diego! Come and discover what's going on at the imprint that birthed The Sandman, Preacher, Y: The Last Man, Fables and more? Wait 'til you hear about what new projects the Vertigo team is going to thrill us with next! Hosted by Senior VP - Executive Editor, Vertigo, Karen Berger, Group Editor Shelly Bond, and Senior Editor Will Dennis, with Jason Aaron (Scalped), Mike Allred, Mark Buckingham (Fables), Josh Dysart (Unknown Soldier), Peter Gross (Unwritten), Amy Hadley (Madame Xanadu), Jeff Lemire (The Nobody), Chris Roberson, Matt Sturges (House of Mystery), Matt Wagner (Madame Xanadu), Bill Willingham (Fables, House of Mystery), G. Willow Wilson (Air), Brian Wood (DMZ, Northlanders), and others (that's us)! Room 5AB

Ther'll be the first ever, awesome Spotlight on Fabio Moon
Friday, JULY 24

We'll have some signings as well, and we'll post them here closer to the event.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Harvey Award nominations!!

The 2009 Harvey Award nominees were announced and we're on the list:

- Best continuing or limited Series - Umbrella Academy
- Best Artist - Gabriel Bá
- Best Anthology - PIXU #1 (by Becky Cloonan, Vasilis Lolos, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá)


Voting is due August 28th.

The ceremony and banquet for the 2009 Harvey Awards will be held on October 10th, at the Baltimore Comic-Con.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sketchbook frog

Monday, June 22, 2009

A piece of the interview

If you click HERE, you can read an excerpt from our interview for The Comics Journal #298, which should be out for sale on Wednesday, June 24th. We did this interview over the course of many days, and each days could be weeks or months apart. Most of it was done before last year's SDCC, and some of it was done at the beginning of this year to talk about all our current projects (Daytripper, BPRD 1947 and Umbrella) and to also talk about all the Eisners we got last year, which took us completely by surprise (the "getting all those Eisners" part, not the "being interviewed about it" part).

The reporter conducting the interview, Diego Assis, is a brazilian reporter, and I think this fact gave the questions an interesting "foreign" point of view. The interviewer is an outsider, and so are the artists being interviewed. Also, he had a much better view of our career both in the US and in Brazil, while an american reporter would only have an idea of what we have published in the US market.

One interesting detail caught my attention: we did this interview in portuguese, and I'm guessing Diego did the translation. You can say we have a much stronger "accent" on his translation of the words.

What caught Bá's attention was that they had Eduardo Risso's name misspelled - and we know he's from Argentina.

We have a brazilian literary festival coming up in a few weeks, and two weeks after that, the San Diego Comic-con, so I think we'll have to really bury ourselves in the work for the following month in order to finish up everything we need to do. the hardcover edition on PIXU- the Mark of Evil should be out now or soon, and in July, BPRD 1947 starts coming out. Keep an eye out for this releases, and enjoy our interview at TCJ.

Thanks for reading, and back to work.

Friday, June 05, 2009


They say 33 is a special age. I feel pretty special today, and I hope my brother knows how special he is too.

We feel like celebrating, and we will, but we also feel more like making awesome comics, which is what we've been doing most of the time instead of talking about our love for comics on the internet. I wish I had more time to scan and show sketches, talk about creation, fun stuff, but I rather make comics. They can tell you how awesome they are, and how fun, and how creative.

I can't stand not sharing something, so here is the step-by-step of our Buffy- Tales of the Vampires cover, which came out this week and has an amazing story by our best buddies Becky Cloonan and Vasilis Lolos.

1-The initial sketch: we considered doing one single image, but we ended up deciding the split image was cooler, moodier and easier to divide the chores between the both of us.

2- Bá studies his part of the cover: Both of us could do this part of the cover, or even the other one. But we felt the other one was simpler and it would gain some personality with my brush inking, so Bá went after the characters in the love-triangle (it's all about love for us here). It looks awesome as it is, right?

3-Black and white ink is GOD: We love inking, period. We love black and white.

4-Colors. Ta-DAM! We have been watching our pal Dave Stewart do his magic on our books and we've been dying to get a chance to do some color work to see what can we do with colors in our post-Dave period. I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results.
Buffy - Tales of the Vampires

Well, that's it, back to work, see you some day, thanks for reading.

Happy 33rd birthday, brother.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The next big thing: JEFFERSON COSTA!

Great thing about comics is that you can do anything you want, there's room for all kind of different styles, genres and formats. But with so many stuff out there, it's hard to keep up with everything and even harder to really catch those few gems lost among the independent, less promoted comics. Independent creators have not only to bust their asses to do a great job, but also they have to make the extra effort to promote their own work, even though no one will listen to what that unknown wannabe has to say. I know I had to scream and shout in every way I could for years until someone would look at me.

So there's a new comic just about to be released and that can't go unnoticed, Terra Major's new graphic novel, an adaptation of Kiss Me, Judas, the first book of the critically acclaimed neo-noir trilogy Phineas Poe, by author Will Christopher Baer.

But the reason this book needs your attention is it's artist, a Brazilian artist called Jefferson Costa. He may have past with no big ado with his 30 page story on the western anthology Gunned Down in 2005, but there's no way he can go ignored with this massive stand-out 272 page graphic novel.

Jefferson's compositions are expressive and hold great knowledge of the use of black and white, tremendous balance and deep emotion.

If you haven't noticed yet, there's been a great deal of outstanding Brazilian artists working on all kinds of comics in the last 2 decades, from mainstream superstars like Mike Deodato, Roger Cruz and Ivan Reis or up-and-coming creators like Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Grampá. And there's a bunch more where those guys came from.

So you might want to take more attention to the talents hailing from our shores and the best way to start doing that is checking Jefferson's work on Kiss Me Judas.

This book is available online only and has a limited print run, so reserve your copy
today! You won't regret it.

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY @ http://terramajor.myshopify.com