Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bá and Hazel

Bá and the character he created (thanks to a group of enthus... on Twitpic

We're no longer safe, not even in Brazil. I expect Cha-Cha with the briefcase and the atomic bomb.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Always exploring.

Polvo rascunho

Last week of August is upon us, and the work never stops. The pile of work never diminishes, the bubbling mind never quiet, the hand never content, the eye always open, always searching, always thinking.

Creating has no on and off. To create is to be, and while we are, we're working.

We just did a pin-up for an artist we admire. It wasn't on our schedule, but we can't always plan every single step of our days ahead of time. It's an improvisation, constantly changing, and you need a constant so you won't get lost.

You must love something or you'll get lost.

Love someone, love your work, love your family. This will help you to navigate through the storms.

I love storms. Couldn't live without them.

I dream of calm seas, and these dreams make me want to sail to distant corners of the world chasing storms.

The comic book creators are explorers.

Let's explore.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

BPRD 2 is out.

Simon Katharina

The second issue of BPRD 1947 is out, and we're working hard on the last two issues. If you liked how the story is going, it only gets better.

Simon and Katharina are my favorite characters. Lucky for me, they're the ones I'm drawing. But that's all before I started drawing the whole Hecate festival. Now, that's fun. This is the kind of story where the artist can play around, and the festival is the kind of scene we wait in a story like this. And it only gets better.

Back to the drawing board now. It only gets better, but not by itself.

Monday, August 03, 2009

taking the spotlight.

It was great to have a spotlight panel at this year's Comic-Con. I have always learned a great deal about making comics by listening to the story of other artists, and so it was great to have this opportunity to basically talk for an entire hour about the way we love to make comics, even when it's not easy, and what we learn every day.

We have to get back into "making comics" mode, so I'll leave you with an excerpt from the spotlight.