Tuesday, December 21, 2010


2010 has been an amazing year for us. It's really awesome to see how much has changed in the last 10 years of our career, everything we have accomplished. Also, how the comic book world has changed in that time. We're feeling really good about comics right now, about our profession, our market, our peers, and it's a heart warming sensation to realize we are part of all this process of changes.
2010 can't really be summed up on a list, but here we go:

- Daytripper is a reality. One that we are really proud of, one that shows what we really want to do with comic books.
We couldn't be happier and it's still calling the attention of everyone on several "best of 2010" lists (When Words Collide, Weekly Crisis, TIME and MTV Geek for example). If more people end up reading it because of these lists, we'll be more than happy. I can't wait for the collected edition to come out next February.
- Casanova is getting the chance to freak out more people through ICON now, in amazing full color and skillful hand-lettered glamour.
- We have been to several conventions and fairs all over the place. Beja, Porto, London, San Diego, La Paz, Rosário, New York and Rio. It's always incredible to get in touch with our readers, meet new authors, see the how different the world can be and how much the alike we all are.

2010 was good for a lot of my friends too. Everyone is doing good. Comics are good, people. Let's make them better!

It's a long process in the making and it's far from being over. And that's the best part of it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010



Monday, December 06, 2010

ATELIER online

ATELIERFábio handling another copy of "ATELIER" for one more happy fan

This year, we did Atelier, our new experimental indy comic, to sell at conventions and events around the world. It may take a while until we travel abroad again, since we have entered a new period of heavy production, so there's basically just one place you can get Atelier outside of Brazil right now:

At Khepri.com, clicking here.

With Khepri, you can even choose between signed and unsigned copies, and have your comic delivered to you at your own home. So convenient. We've been counting with Brian (Khepri's main man) to help spread the love for our indy work for a long time, and he never let us down. If you want good comics, he's the guy to go to get the best deals in the internet.

He also have our friend Gustavo Duarte's new comic, TAXI, so when you go grab your Atelier, get a TAXI as well. It's awesome. (I've talked about Gustavo's first comic here)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Daytripper in SPAIN!

We are very happy to inform Daytripper has arrived in SPAIN, published by Planeta DeAgostini in trade format.
You can learn more about it here and they have put the entire first chapter online for you to have a taste of the story.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Casanova snapshot

writing our way in.

As I was looking how many posts we did on each year of our blog's existence, I noticed how much effort we put into getting ourselves noticed early on our career.

As the time passed, we got more work, eventually we had less time left and we started to try to focus on what was important and write on the blog only when we had something to say.

Monday, November 22, 2010

At our table


As Bá dives very deep into the third story arc of Casanova, I oversee Cris Peter's color work for the second story arc. At the same time, we're finalizing the design choices for the Daytripper trade. I remember every other hour that I still need to write a commentary for the new Luxuria collection talking about our new colorful world, and about the handwritten quality of how we do things these days. I imagine all of this have to be done this week.

We just returned from a convention in Rio in which the main international guest was Milo Manara, and he had a huge exhibition of his originals at the show, and it was inspiring and breath taking. "I'm just learning how to walk" crosses my mind as I see the steps taken by this italian giant. Aim higher, mister Moon.

Convention season is over for us this year. The year is almost over anyway, but for us there's this feeling of a journey which is only beginning. New stories, new projects, new ideas we're already working on, ideas that cannot wait till Christmas or New Year's. We're keeping busy, and we're grateful for all the support we have from our friends and our readers. Every time we lock ourselves in the studio, we know you're out there, waiting for us, and happy to find out whatever it is we bring along as we emerge once more.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Casanova in 2011

January will explode with Casanova as both the trade from the first series, LUXURIA, and the first issue of the new series, GULA, will come out and please the readers. In GULA, I step in as artist of the series, and the LUXURIA trade has super cool never before seen bonus material. 2011 is a good year to be a Casanovonaut, as Matt used to call our readers, and it al starts as early as January. This time around, don't miss the boat.


Meet Casanova Quinn: prodigal son of a law-and-order family hell-bent on keeping the world safe and sound, now blackmailed into betraying his father and the international law enforcement organization he controls. LUXURIA collects the first volume of CASANOVA as its titular star transforms from devil-may-care thrill-seeker into the most dangerous man in the world. What happens when the ultimate player gets played? Find out in this genre-bending sci-spy epic. Gorgeously re-colored and re-lettered by hand, this staggering psychedelic spy-fi epic is collected for the first time as it was meant to be made. By the Eisner award-winning team of Matt Fraction (INVINCIBLE IRON MAN, THOR, UNCANNY X-MEN), Gabriel Bá (UMBRELLA ACADEMY, BPRD: 1947), and Fábio Moon (DAYTRIPPER, SUGARSHOCK). With all-new, all-different, never-before-seen bonus material! Collecting CASANOVA: LUXURIA #1-4
Casanova GULA 01
CASANOVA: GULA #1 (of 4)
Art & Cover by FÁBIO MOON

CASANOVA is back. Or is he? Actually Casanova is gone. Gone from space, gone from time. The burning question WHEN IS CASANOVA QUINN hangs over the entire world as E.M.P.I.R.E. and W.A.S.T.E. alike race toward the horrible, inevitable, answer…The second staggering volume of CASANOVA starts here by the Eisner-laden team of Matt Fraction (THOR, UNCANNY X-MEN, THE INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) and Fábio Moon (DAYTRIPPER, SUGARSHOCK) taking over art duties. Never before collected! Never before reprinted! Never before understood! In gorgeous full 4-D psychocolor! Worth a million in prizes! Change your shorts, change your life, change into a nine-year-old Hindu boy! Guaranteed!*
*not actually guaranteed
40 PGS./Mature Content …$3.99

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Here's our two scheduled events at the CRACK BANG BOOM convention in Rosario.

Thursday (Jueves)
19:00-20:15 Charlas de Café Parte II.
Rafael Albuquerque (Blue Beetle), Gabriel Ba (The Umbrella Academy), Rafael Grampá (Mesmo delivery), Fabio Moon (Daytripper), entre otros, cuentan sus proyectos personales y la actualidad de la historieta en el mercado brasileño. Bar del CEC

Sunday (Domingo)
17:00-18:20 Dibujando desde Brasil
Una mesa redonda fascinante con algunos de los mejores artistas brasileños de este momento: Rafael Albuquerque , Gabriel Ba , Rafael Grampá , Fabio Moon… Teatro Parque España

We'll also have a table to sell our comics, make sketches an talk to everyone who stops by. We've brought copies of our brand new self-published comic ATELIER, as well as CASANOVA, Gustavo Duarte's new comic TAXI and a few other things. As soon as we know more details about the table location, number, etc... we will put it here.

Hasta mañana!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010

NYCC here we come

Here we go. Our new monster arrived and we're almost ready to go. Not yet packed, not yet finished with half the Casanova pages Bá is doing, but we'll get there. We always do.

NYCC this week

On the above image, I think I remembered all the information about our NYCC trip. Inside the Javits center, at least. I'm not going to list all the pages and covers we'll bring, stop at the booth and check them out (they look nice).
We'll be at the CBLDF welcoming party on Thursday night, and on a Dark Horse party at St. Mark's Comics on Saturday night.

Below, the basic info about our new comic:

by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá
40 pages
US$ 3

I'll leave you with some preview images from the book, and I'll see you soon.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ATELIER and the time machines

It's hard to keep secrets. What's the fun of knowing something only you know? You gotta tell someone, let somebody knows how special you are for having a secret, and how special the other person is if you decided to share that secret with him/her.

At the same time, we do comic books and, as such distinguish creators, we practically live in a cave when we're working, so while we're actually working, it's very easy to work and keep it secret. Comic book artists are crazy scientists creating time machines or interdimentional portals inside their studios, and at some point in the story, we reach the moment for that surprise turnaround scene where we see the scientists actually built two machines instead of one.

We've reached that moment.

We started doing this two months ago, when we were thinking about our convention trips to NYCC in New York, CRACK BANG BOOM in Rosario, Argentina, and Rio Comicon in Rio de Janeiro. We realized we didn't want to go to three conventions in three different countries where three different languages were spoken and have nothing that could be presented, read and understood at all three. We travel to talk about comics and to meet the readers, sure, but the primary point of interest in the comic's world is the work, and we wanted to have work to show (we always want to have work to show and stories to tell). In the spur of the moment, we decided that, in one month, we could crank out a new comic that by the power of comics could work in three different languages, and if we could finish it in a month, we could send it to the printer and have in ready in time for our first stop: New York.

One month later, we were calling the printer to check out if they got the files.

What else can I say?

It's at the printer, and should be ready any moment now. And then it will be real, in my hands, and soon enough. in yours. That's how's supposed to work, and it's the beauty of it. We've just built another time machine and it's time to put it to work. Can you feel the turning point coming?

Now, it's great to have friends, specially if they're in the crazy scientist profession like ourselves, because it's always better, when you're alone at night drawing endlessly and with little to no hope, to know that, if you look through the window at the tower of your friend's castle, lightening bolts and explosions can be seen, heard and felt, and you know that, by the time you finish your monster, there will be a monster friend to keep it company.

As we pack and get ready to travel with our new comic, we know that we'll be in great company as we saw our friend Gustavo Duarte produce his second comic, also in the dead of night, also in secret (not really, but let's keep playing our roles), and also in time for NYCC, where he'll share a table with us to present the world TAXI, his brand new thing. Let me tell you, it's beautiful, but don't believe me and go see for yourself.

We'll be at table F4-F9 on a giant booth at artist's alley, along with Ivan Brandon, Rafael Albuquerque, Ariel Olivetti, Andy MacDonald, Leandro Fernández and the incredible Becky Cloonan. we'll have copies of ATELIER, CASANOVA, and stuff. Fun stuff. Check it out.

See you in a week, or in another convention, or soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello Kitty

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Come out, come out and let us play.

I love comics.

First I'd like to thank all the attention and love we've been getting about Daytripper. This comics really has gone further than we predicted and we couldn't be happier with it.

And I couldn't be happier with the projects I've been working on. Each one different from the other, the creators are exciting to work with and I learn new things about our craft every day. Casanova is coming out in color and it looks amazing, the new letters look great too. I've begun working on the new material and it's like time travel back to crazy land.

But the most exciting thing about the upcoming days is actually we will stop working for 3 weeks just to do the only thing that give us as much joy as creating a new story: going to comic conventions and meeting the public.

Our entire carreer has been filled with a lot of trips to comic conventions, waiting in lines, watching panels, meeting creators and talking to the fellow authors we admire. And the more we produce, more we have to talk about, so the last conventions have been a full plate. And that's the way we like.

Two weeks from now, we'll go to New York Comic Con for the first time and we're really excited about that. We'll be sharing a huge set of tables with IVAN BRANDON, BECKY CLOONAN, ANDY MACDONALD, ARIEL OLIVETTI (Argentina) , LEANDRO FERNÁNDEZ (Argentina), RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE (Brasil), and GUSTAVO DUARTE (Brasil). We'll be on Artist Alley on tables F4 through F9. Can't wait to talk to whoever stops by.

Two weeks after that, we cross the globe to go to CRACK BANG BOOM, the first international comics convention of Rosário, Argentina. That will be awesome! And finally, in november we have Rio Comicon in... well, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We have a lot of books on our bags, we'll have original pages and we'd really like to talk about comics and stuff, be it in english, portuguese or spanish. But the language that unite us all, that has been taking us all over the word, that has no frontiers or boundaries is the one of panels and balloons.

Come meet us on one of these conventions and discover what we have to say about that.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, kitty girl

Every girl loves her Hello Kitty bag.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dynamic duo


Monday, August 23, 2010


A little cross-eyed, I guess, but still cute. Cute enough, and fun enough, for a warm up exercize. I wish every warm up doodle would come out like this one.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Casanova preparatory sketch

Casanova prep sketch

Everybody still looked weird and out of character as I was warming up for the short back-up on the new first issue of Casanova. My hand was cold, stiff. I later also learned that paper I was using wasn't helping, it didn't slide smoothly enough, it didn't erase properly, it made drawing a painful experience.

We're now thinking about the cover for the first Casanova trade. Then, on to the covers of the second arc. This time around, I think I'll jump onboard for the second arc's covers. Let's hope I can do as good a job as Bá.

Also, I'm starting to play around with the colors for the second arc, because soon enough Cris will start on it. How will it look? That's our challenge.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dream come true.

My brother and I have been wanting to tell stories in comicbooks for as long as we can remember. At first, we just wanted to copy what we were reading, as a way of being part of that magical universe of super-heroes, barbarians, space guardians, street punks and pirates. But soon the need to tell stories became stronger than the simple act of drawing.

We have told lots of stories – well, a few – from princes and fairies, to young people in love, to robots and waitresses. All these stories came out of our need to tell them, without any requests, any pressure, straight out of our heads. All those stories were building the ground for us to be finally able to tell Daytripper.

Daytripper is not a project we have had for a long time. It came from an idea I had some 8 or 9 years ago, but it was not more than that. It was one of the ideas we pitched to Vertigo when Bob Schreck asked us for ideas. It was the one they liked.

However, ever since we started actually working on this comic, it has become the story we have been waiting to tell our entire lives.

Issue 9 just came out, one we're really proud of, and next month brings the conclusion of our story. This has been a terrific journey. This is what comics mean to us. A real dream come true.

Daytripper 9 cover

Daytripper 9

Brás is going through one of those days that seems like a lifetime; when so many things happen and change so fast and so dramatically that he can't keep track of what the hell is going on. In this penultimate issue to the acclaimed miniseries, can he figure things out before it's too late?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

BLOG WAR - peaceful ending

Both Craig and I worked on this last piece together. I inked a little bit he pencilled, he inked a bit I pencilled, but for the most part we just passed the paper back and forth as we kept working on the panels. This was fun.

A did a lot of other incredibly interesting things in Portland, but there's only so much we could put on paper in the time we had. There was also a lot of things I could have done but didn't because of time constraints, but that was not my point when I decided to go. You'll never see and do everything, but you can enjoy everything you end up doing. And I certainly enjoyed my time in Portland, seeing all those Dark Horse people I only see within the crazy rules on the San Diego Comicon, meeting new artists, talking about art, life and everything inbetween.

Time to go back and start all over again. Time to go home, happy, ready for more.

Friday, July 30, 2010

BLOG WAR - part 3

We could see it from very far away, from inside the car, still some twenty minutes before we really got to the beginning of the trail. It was massive, it was strangely alien and different, and it was this one thing in my trip that would actually also be new for all people involved (except for Dan, Craig's friend and our guide for the day).

Have you ever been to a volcano? Have you even stood inside it's crumbling interior partly rocky, partly ashy surface? Have you ever seen a waterfall with hot water?

We stood there, got ready, and went for it.

To be continued on Craig's blog, which includes the full contribution from Dan Attoe (I'm only showing the detail below).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BLOG WAR - part 2

Both Craig and I agree that maybe Blog War isn't the best title (too violent, too macho), but we were just excited to work together on something, so...

This is actually part 2 of our little collaboration, part 1 being on Craig's blog. Check it out to know what we did before we went to dinner.


So... Cool, no?

Let's continue.

Mike Allred and Laura Allred joined us right at the end of the music concert, and off we went to this incredible wine bar called Kir. We were greeted by Joe Sacco on the way in, and after a couple bootle of wine, he eventually found his way to our table.

It was an incredible night. The conversation was inspiring, the company was lovely, and we were so jazzed by it that we just kept on drawing. Joe Sacco got the best sketches, I think. We left in high spirit, and we had some challenges ahead of us: could we do this night justice in ours sketches?

And more importantly: could we top this experience on our next adventure?

to be continued...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

San Diego bound!

We had a wonderful time in London. The weather was incredibly sunny and everybody that we met were adorable. I joked I brought the sunny weather over from Brazil, but the warmth from the people was the nicest surprise of the trip. We certainly left wanting more, so thanks to all of you who we met, who we talked and who we touched during the past two weeks. The fact that I finished the very last page of Daytripper on my last day in London made the whole experience all the more special.

Now, the time has come again for that crazy thing (which I love) called SDCC. Many people are going, and once again we're excited and ready to rock it brazilian style. We'll share the same booth we had last year, booth #1320, with our usual pals Cliff Chiang (artist on the recent Greendale graphic novel) and Jill Thompson (the über talented artist of the recent Beasts of Burden series), and this year we'll be joined by Rafael Albuquerque (who's really showing some artistic skills on American Vampire) and Cris Peter (our colorist on our revitilized Casanova series).

We'll be there most of the time, signing books, selling copies of the new first issue of Casanova, and selling original art from series we've been working on, such as The Umbrella Academy, BPRD1947, DMZ and Sugarshock. Come around and look at all the lovely things everybody from our booth will have this time around.

Also, we'l be selling a limited signed giclée print that I made on our recent trip to Portugal, which comes in three sizes and looks like this:

Here's a detail. The prints come in small, medium and large sizes (come by the booth, they look sweet):


Our signings and panels schedule is quite full this time, jumping around all publishers we're currently working with. Here's the complete rundwon of where to find us when we're not at the booth:

6:60-7:30 - the EXCLUSIVE all-in Casanova signing with Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon

11AM-12PM- PIXU signing with Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá at the Dark Horse booth
2-3PM - Signing at the DC booth
6PM - BPRD meet-up for BPRD members (at the Hilton Gaslamp - Terrace Foyer)

11AM-12PM - Signing at the DC booth
12-1:30PM - Hellboy and BPRD signing with Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, Gabriel Bá, Fábio Moon and Patric Reynolds
5:30-6:30PM - Vertigo: on the Edge panel (room 6DE)

11:15AM-12:15PM - Spotlight on Gerard Way with guests panel
1-2:30PM - Umbrella Academy signing with Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá (ticketed event: See Dark Horse employee for details)
3-4PM - Signing at the DC booth

1:30-2:30PM - Signing at the DC booth

So, here we go again. I hope to discover a lot of new books, new artists, new people. This trip, for us, is always about discoveries. Are you ready?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

London Calling for Daytripper 8

Comicbooks have brought us to London, to be part of Festival Brazil, a big cultural event taking place on the Southbank Centre. We feature both as attractions of the London Literature Festival 2010 and Festival Brazil, which is twice as cool. And to make thinks better, we've been experiencing a lovely summer in London, full of hot sunny days and happy people everywhere.

Fábio and I do all our PR and stuff, so when anyone asks for a promotional picture, we choose it and send it. We were really surprised, though, to find this picture on the cover of the Festival's program, spread out everywhere around the Southbank Centre. It also astonished us to see the cover illustration we've done for the Literature Festival all over the place and in all shapes and sizes. It was kind of overwhelming to bear such an important role on a festival of this proportions.

After some interviews and momentarly tension, our panel on Monday night at the Udderbelly was great. With a terrific participation of Jamie McKelvie as the mediator and a full croud of interested people, we did what we know how to do, which is tell stories and explain why we love comics and Brazil.

On friday we had another challenge ahead of us, and it didn't get any smaller. We were invited to paint a mural and we took this opportunity to tell stories to an audience unaware of our existence. It's not really what we do, but in a similar way on a different setting, we created this big Wallstrip with lot's of tiny bits of dialogues and ideas and reflexions about the world we live in and how we relate to people around us, a mater we usually tackle on our stories as well.

We had the help of young people working aside with the Southbank Centre, as well as pass byers and whoever wanted to chip in. It took us 10 hours to get it done and we couldn't have done it without their help.

Wallstrip process

After we finished painting it, the whole thing was hung on the wall of the Queen Elisabeth Hall building and it will be there until the end of august, so don't miss the chance to check it out live.

And just like our life never stops surprising us, a new issue of Daytripper hits the stands today and I'm sure you will be surprised with what you will find on this issue as well.

Daytripper 8 cover
Daytripper 8

Brás is constantly on the road, but that doesn't stop a caring husband and loving father from having a big role in his family's daily life. Do they miss him? Can they manage well enough while he's away? And how large a hole would he leave if he weren't there anymore?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Daytripper going #1... and flying to London!

CBR's Tim Callahan talks about his top 10 comics of 2010 so far (also discussing the topic on Splash Page Podcast 21 with Chad Nevett). A lot of good comics there. Demo: volume 2, by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan; Scalped;Viking, by Ivan Brandon and Nik Klein; American Vampire, by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque; 2 Grant Morrison books.
But guess which one is number 1? Daytripper.
I won't pretend I'm not happy. We are really glad with all the feedback our series is getting. With only pages away from the end (readers still have 3 issues more to wait for), we're working with our chest filled with pride.

Daytripper cover 1

And that pride is also carrying us (and we're carrying it) to London on next friday, to be part of Festival Brazil on the Southbank Centre. We will give a lecture/panel on monday, July 5th, 7pm inside the Udderbelly (tickets still available), with the mediation of Jamie Mckelvie. Don't miss out on that one! After that, I believe we'll have a signing session on the Southbank Centre book store. And on friday, July 9th, at 9am (yeah, in the morning) we'll be painting a big-ass mural artwork, our Wallstrip, on the ramp alongside Queen Elizabeth Hall. We'll have help from young people and other artists (including our new friend Rufus Dayglo) and it's going to be lots of fun.

There's a lot to be done before we go, so I'll just go back to work. But I'm sure as hell will be working happier for the rest of the week. My plane leaves only on friday, but my feet are already off the ground.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A stranger, always watching.

I'm always watching.
Always searching.
Everywhere you go, there's something to see, to find, to learn.

You can rest by escaping the world, but you can also rest when you dive right into it. Find strangers in your world, or be a stranger in somebody else's world. In the end, it's just one world, one boat, and we're on this boat together.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Daytripper 7, their best work to date.

We are on the second, most intense half of our story. The rules have been set, the players are all there and one might think it's all figured out.
But the beauty of life is it's unpredictability, it's capacity to surprise us at any moment.

Daytripper 7 hits the stands on June 7th, and we're only going forward with this. There's a nice preview over at the Vertigo blog. Check it out.

You don't wanna miss this journey. And it's almost over.


What's life without your friends, right? The good ones will stick with you through anything, won't they? Find out here why Brás' best friend has given that up and how far Brás is willing to go to get him back.

"This latest from Bá and Fábio is surely their best looking work to date. In DAYTRIPPER, they give us a glimpse into an exotic yet believable world. It makes you want to be there with them...!"
-- Paul Pope

Sunday, June 06, 2010

And there he goes.

E lá foi ele

Way and away. He gathered all his courage and deep he went, searching to take a little breath.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


We just finished Daytripper 9 and Daytripper 10 is halfway done. We leave in a few hours to Portugal for the VI International Comics Festival of Beja. We couldn't be more excited to our first european comics festival. We'll have an exposition of originals at the festival, and will do a signing and a panel. Check out the festival's site for all the info.

And that's not all.


We're also opening another exposition in Porto, another portuguese city. We'll be at the opening on June 1st, and I did a new painting for a exclusive Giclée print at the gallery. The images illustrating this post are two details of the print, and you can check out the full print at the Gallery's blog


We love comics, and every chance we get to spread this love around the world is welcome. We'll bring along some of the comics we made in Brazil for our portuguese fans. Let's see what happens.

Let's keep reading, creating and enjoying.

We'll be back soon, and will try to update our twitters on the way.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Daytripper and Casanova solicitation for August

Busy month for us. Exciting.

Daytripper 9

Brás is going through one of those days that seems like a lifetime; when so many things happen and change so fast and so dramatically that he can’t keep track of what the hell is going on. In this penultimate issue to the acclaimed miniseries, can he figure things out before it’s too late?
On sale AUGUST 11 • 9 of 10 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS

CASANOVA: Luxuria 2
Written by Mat Fraction
Art by Gabriel Bá
Cover by Gaberiel Bá
CASANOVA: LUXURIA continues! Strange, sweaty, naked things are afoot deep in the jungle metropolis of Áqua Pesada. A rogue E.M.P.I.R.E. agent has gone mad and, in between throwing the most decadent parties the world has ever known, spills his spy-guts out in the pages of a breathless, confessional, comic book... and Casanova Quinn is given orders by his father to bring the agent in... but Newman Xeno wants Casanova to kill him instead. Bloodshed, betrayal, a trial, an exile, a Paco Rabanne dress made entirely out of credit cards, and a shocking twist that sets Casanova irrevocably on a path of no return. 32 PAGES OF COSMIC COMIC SPY-CHEDELIA. All new back-matter! Soul-elevating colors! Staples and paper! READ!
32 PGS./Rated T+ ... $3.99

Friday, May 14, 2010

De:TALES hardcover

Detales - Hardcover edition

We're very happy to be releasing this again. When Diana called us and said they were doing a new edition, we were delighted with the idea of doing a new cover. We love the original cover and we wanted to preserve the same mood, but at the same time we wanted to try to apply all that we have learned in these years that separate this edition from the first.

If you never read this, this is your chance.

The solicitation reads like this:

Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon (W/A)
On sale Oct 6
b&w, 112 pages
HC, 6" x 9"

From the company that introduced American audiences to Brazilian twins Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá (Daytripper, Pixu) comes a new hardcover edition of Dark Horse’s out-of-print De:Tales, a collection of the twins’ breakthrough short stories!

After three Eisner Awards and a series of acclaimed projects with writers Joss Whedon (Sugarshock), Gerard Way (The Umbrella Academy), Mike Mignola (B.P.R.D.: 1947), and Matt Fraction (Casanova), Moon and Bá are now among the hottest artists in comics. De:Tales is the duo’s most personal work to date, presenting their work separately, together, and in tandem—as the twins trade off on the roles of writing and illustrating, share those roles, or fly solo. Brimming with all the details of human life, their charming tales move from the urban reality of their home in São Paulo to the magical realism of their Latin American background.

Featuring a brand-new cover, Moon and Bá’s seminal and sought-after work is finally back in this handsome hardcover packaging, proving once again that they are a talented pair to watch out for.

• Named by Booklist as one of the 10 best Graphic Novels of the year, Foreword Magazine gave it a silver medal on the Graphic Novel category of their “Book of the Year” award, and it was nominated for an Eisner Award.

Now available in hardcover!