Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amazon's Best of 2011

Daytripper has been selected as one of Amazon.com's Top Ten Best Books of the Year So Far on the Comics and Graphic Novels category.

This has been an amazing year, full of rewards that only refuel our love for comics and make us want to keep creating new stories forever.
So let's do it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Summer solstice at one side of the world, Winter solstice at the other. Both ways, there are stories to be told, thus work to be done.
I just finished a cover, which the editor liked and have already been sent off, and so off I go to this short 8 page story which I've been planning since April, when the idea was born. It's a strange thing, going back to short stories after the 220 pages of Daytripper, but in a refreshing sort of way, I think it's just what I need. These days, it's easy to get carried away and only come up with big epic ideas, ideas which will take many pages - and many years - to get done, and there are some periods in your life, and in your work, where a smaller story is just the right size to fit that moment in which you want to work and, at the same size, still have time to gaze at the world and see what the tides might be bringing my way.
I hope that the next time I have something to write about in here, this short story will be over, and I hope this happens in the next two weeks.
Back to work.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Solicitation for Casanova Avaritia #1

The wait is over - or almost - as Casanova is once again solicited! This is the moment all of you - or at least many of you - have been waiting for: 100% new Casanova issues. No reprints. No old material. New story! New artwork! New color palette!
Our new arc, avaritia will start in September, and the solicitation goes like this:
Penciled by GABRIEL BÁ
From the writer of Marvel's smash hit FEAR ITSELF and the artist of the best-selling book Umbrella Academy comes the FULL-COLOR rebirth of the coolest comic of all time -- CASANOVA IS BACK and NOW YOU can see what everybody's been talking about. THIS ISSUE: The world's sexiest and savviest superspy kills his way from dimension to dimension in a high-stakes, action-packed adventure that cannot be described in a mere human "solicitation." !!! 32 ALL-NEW FULL-COLOR PAGES. PREORDER THIS BOOK! IF YOUR RETAILER CAN'T READ YOUR MIND, YOU CAN'T READ 'CASANOVA.'
40 PGS./Mature …$4.99

Friday, June 03, 2011

CASANOVA- AVARITIA 1 cover revealed!

In September, everything in the Casanova universe will be new. New storyline, new artwork, new mood. And here's the first brand new cover!
If you like the cover, wait until you see what the interiors look like.
All the best, and back to work.