Monday, May 30, 2011

Daytripper gets two Eagles

Over the weekend, during the MCM Expo London Comicon, took place the Eagle Awards ceremony, and we're very happy that Daytripper won in TWO categories.

Yes, we're happy. And honored. And we feel blessed, and it's incredible to think how far this story of ours is going, how many people are reading it, and how it appears they like it. This story means a lot to us, and it's great to see how much it means to others. This overwhelming feeling only inspires us to keep going, pushing ourselves harder and telling new stories.
Thank you all so much for this worldly support, and let's get back to work.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Thinking about a new strip, the sketchbook by my side.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Casanova GULA trade, coming in July

Casanova Quinn is a secret secret agent, and a pawn in a game of espionage-chess played by his father Cornelius and the forces of E.M.P.I.R.E. against alllll the bad guys in the whole wide world. When a mission goes haywire and Casanova disappears, all hell breaks loose across the span of the space-time continuum itself. As archrival Newman Xeno conspires to break both the laws of man and physics, the fabric of all-that-is begins to fray. Clearing the way for that delightful little Armageddon is Casanova’s twin sister, Zephyr, killing her way through a blood-soaked hit list that ends with their father. All this as a super-vixen from the future scrambles to unravel the mystery at the heart of it all: WHEN IS CASANOVA QUINN? The sex is sexier and the violence is violent-ier in this, the second breathtaking volume of CASANOVA, the comic that Entertainment Weekly calls “Sexy... gripping and darkly funny.” Collecting CASANOVA: GULA #1-4.
160 PGS./Mature ...$14.99
ISBN: 978-0-7851-4863-0

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Figure drawing

Here's Bá training.
A little practice never hurts anybody, even if you already "know" how do draw. There's always something new to learn, to think about, to consider.
Most of this poses were just one minute poses, some were three minutes long, one or another, five minutes long.

Modelo Vivo - Cris

Modelo Vivo - Fafá

Modelo Vivo - 01 

Modelo Vivo - Vera

Modelo Vivo - Vera 02

Modelo Vivo - 02

Modelo Vivo - Beto

Modelo Vivo - 03


Modelo Vivo - 04

Modelo Vivo - 04b

Modelo Vivo - Lucilene

Modelo Vivo - Juliano 1

Modelo Vivo - Juliano 2




Tuesday, May 03, 2011


We love comics. And we consider ourselves old school, because we like comics made by hand, on real paper, to be printed on paper and read on book format by people. Although we will keep making our comics to be printed, digital comics are here and the tablets and readers are also becoming a growing reality that we can't oversee.

Every publisher is putting their comics out there to be read on digital readers, and our books are among them. So now you can buy and read our comics online or on the device of your preference, and take them with you whenever you go.

Now you can get Daytripper on Comixology here.
You can read Daytripper #1 for free.

You can browse Dark Horse Digital and get all the awesome comics they publish.
Regarding our comics, you can now get Umbrella Academy series 1 and 2, our Eisner nominated De:TALES, or our horror comic PIXU, made with our good friends Becky Cloonan and Vasilis Lolos.

The important thing is that people can read our work. We'll keep writing, drawing. We'll keep telling stories.

We love comics.