Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Angoulême 2013 - books and watercolors

It's not every day that we travel to France, so we decided to take some of our more independent publications to sell at Angoulême. Since Atelier, our latest mini-comic, is also in french, it was a perfecy fit.
Look for us any time we're at the Urban Comics stand (most afternoons from 2pm to 6pm) to check it out.

We'll also have a very limited amount of watercolor girls, which are only found personally with us during conventions and festival.

pintada01-2013   pintadas03-2013
(click on the images for bigger versions)

Nous nous voyons lá-bas!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Angoulême 2013, allons-y!

I can't really believe this, but we're actually going to the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême, in France. We wanted to go for so long and, finally, we're not only going, but we're doing it big style, with books published (Daytripper and Casanova), invited by the publisher (Urban Comics), running for the main prize (We're also up for the "Cultura - Public's choice award" and everyone can vote here until February 2nd). Well, we couldn't be happier.

We'll meet new people, find new comics (or BDs), speak a lot of French. After 16 years going to SDCC (San Diego Comic Con International), I believe this will give us a whole new perspective on the meaning of Comics Festival.

But like any other show, we have our schedule and commitments, and here it is so people can find us easier. We have signings (dédicaces) from friday through sunday over the Urban Comics booth (L3 at the Le Monde des Bulles area) and we'll have one spotlight panel because of Daytripper's nomination for the award (everyone on the official selection has their half hour spotlight panel). So here it comes:

Friday, February 1st:
- Dédicaces from 15h to 18h
Urban Comics stand: L3, Le Monde des Bulles

Saturday, February 2nd:
- Dédicaces from 15h to 17h15 
Urban Comics stand: L3, Le Monde des Bulles

- Panel: 18h00
moderated by Martin Zeller
Espace Selection Officielle Cultura CM17, Le Monde des Bulles (Durée : 0h30) 

Sunday, February 3rd:
- Dédicaces from 14h to 15h45
Urban Comics stand: L3, Le Monde des Bulles

Nous nous voyons la.


daytripper-olinda-2013 by 10paezinhos
daytripper-olinda-2013, a photo by 10paezinhos on Flickr.

Prepairing my take on our beloved Daytripper characters.


daytripper-ana-2013 by 10paezinhos
daytripper-ana-2013, a photo by 10paezinhos on Flickr.

Prepairing my take on our beloved Daytripper characters.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Daytripper - Jorge

Daytripper - Jorge by 10paezinhos
Practicing drawing Jorge on my sketchbook.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Daytripper also selected for Public Choice award in Angoulême

Last November, we learned that Daytripper entered the official selection of the main award of the French market, "les Fauves d'Angoulême". He's running with 32 other albuns released in French between December of 2011 and November of 2012. There's a grand jury who will select the winner and the result will be unveiled on February 3rd, last day of the Festival.

Today we discovered that Daytripper is up for yet another award, the "public's choice award", held by Cultura, the Festival's partner bookstore, whose staff has chosen eight favourite works and the public has to vote on the one they think it's the best one. Everyone can vote.

So, if you want to vote, click here, pick your favourite book, give your name and email and vote.