Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Super sketches

We're back from Germany, and we survived. Thanks to everybody who stopped by to talk, to have your books signed and to ask for sketches. We don't usually do super heroes sketches, and I'm not entirely sure why we decided to say yes to all these requests for super heroes, but I'm glad we did, as we liked most of the drawings we made, and they seemed to make those who asked for them happy.
Thanks to everybody from Panini Germany (Alex, Rebecca and Gunther in special) for taking good care of us, thanks also to Pipo from Cross Cult for a great job with De:TALES and Umbrella Academy, and for being such a nice guy not only to us but to all the other brazilian authors who needed translation at the Frankfurt book fair.
It was great to hang out with Scottie Young, Phil Noto, Esad Ribic, Bill Morrison and Nei Ruffino during the convention. Great conversations about the love for the aesthetics of Tony Scott's movies, TV series, cats and dogs, meeting your idols and who drinks manly drinks or girly drinks.
Back to the drawing board.
batman and joker

Girly sketches

Some of the girly sketches we made during our German tour.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jon Snow

Looking at my facebook page, or at my instagram feed, a german fan discovered I'm a Game of Thrones fan. When we met in Essen, Germany, during the Comic Action convention, he asked me for a Game of Thrones sketch. Not just any sketch, he asked me for a sketch of Jon Snow and his wolf, Ghost.
Little did this fan know that, of all the characters he could have asked me from GoT, these were the only ones I would certainly say yes.
And so I did, and I'm very happy with this sketch.
jon snow

Space Boy

Space Boy
Spaceboy sketch Bá made for a fan during our German tour.


Daytripper sketch Bá made for a fan during our German tour.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Oktoberfest! Taking over Germany!

Finally the time has come to talk about our trip to Germany! We are very excited, as we are about to discover the world of book publishing and its renowned Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Frankfurt Book Fair, largest book fair in the world.
We will stay for 20 days in Germany, the entirely first week in Frankfurt as part of the big group of Brazilian authors present in the fair (because Brazil is the homage country on the fair this year), and then we will tour through some cities promoting our books, signing and talking to the audience. And the best part of it is that we will do all that with two of our books freshly released in German! Daytripper has been published by Panini and De:Tales by CrossCult. 

Ever since we started publishing in the U.S. market, it has been easier to find our books all around the world, but often only in English. Some titles have never been published even in Brazil (even though it has been changing, there's only Smoke and Guns, Sugarshock and BPRD left). It is always better to go somewhere where people can find your book on their own language. Germany has seen the publication of BPRD and Umbrella Academy, and now we can land there with our two most personal books published on their native language. That's really priceless.

So, back to our trip, I'll list here all our commitments during our trip, so maybe you can find us, listen what we have to say, learn a little bit about our work, about Brazil and the special connection these two elements have in our hearts.

First of all, we're really proud of being on the selected group of authors Brazil is taking to Frankfurt, as part of being this year's Guest of Honour country. I love the fact that comic have taken me all around the world, but also they're still a strong connection I have with my country and my culture and that's something I take everywhere I go.

So, we recently discovered the Book Fair is open for the public only during the weekend. During the week, it is only business between publishers and agents, bidding, gambling, buying and selling titles and moving the entire reading market forward. During the week, we will have lunch with DC and their partner publishers around the world, which will be very educational. And we will be part of a celebration on the Kobo booth, since we also discovered De:Tales is available on Kobo. But it is only from friday on that our agenda with the public really begins.

11/10, friday:
17h Signing session on Comics Shop X-Tra BooX 
(Berliner Straße 20  60311 Frankfurt am Main)
It is a signing on a comic book store, outside the Book Fair pavilion, so it's open to the general audience. Anyone can go. 

12/10, saturday:
10h45 – 11.25 Talk: Brazil and it's Comics scene - Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon
Where: Comics Center, 3,0 K17
11h30 – 13.00 Signing session: Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon
Where: Comics Center, 3,0 K17
3.30 pm to 5 pm - signing at Panini - Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon (Daytripper, Brazil)
Where: Panini booth Hall 3,0 G & F 143

13/10, sunday:
10h - 11h30 HQ & Graphic Novel: reunion of Generations.
with Ziraldo, Maurício de Sousa, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Fernando Gonsales, Lelis and Lourenço Mutarelli (these are all the invited Brazilian comic book authors present in Frankfurt, some with over five decades worth of comics work, and then there's us, we're the younger ones among them, the new generation with our 15 years comics experience.)
Where: Brazilian Pavilion
2 pm to 3.30 pm: signing at Panini - Gabriel Bá & Fábio Moon (Daytripper, Brazil), 
Where: Panini booth Hall 3,0 G & F 143

And here's where our book tour takes the road (or should I say the tracks, since we'll be going everywhere by train). 

14/10, monday:
16h-18h  signing at Comix Hannover, (Goseriede 10, 30159 Hannover) 
It's a signing in Hannover. We're only passing by the city, so please stop by and say hi, discover our books, get a sketch.

17/10, thursday:
19h  Modern Graphics - Europa-Center, (Oranienstraße 22  10999 Berlin)
(the shop Modern Graphics located at shopping mall Europa-Center aside the memorial church in the heart of the city)
We will talk with Lars von Törne, from newspaper Tagesspiegel, followed by a signing session. It will be our last night in Berlin, so come and celebrate with us.

18/10, friday:
16h - 18h - signing at ComicCompany, (Fraunhoferstraße 21, 80469 München) 
It's a two hours signing in a comics store. Come by, get to know us, and then also go to the Literaturehaus to listen to our discussion panel.
20h - Cultureclubbing Brasileiro
Discussion panel with writers João Paulo Cuenca and Luiz Ruffato and comic book authors Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá. There'll be a signing session after the panel as well.
Where: Literaturhaus München, Salvatorplatz 1, 80333 München)
And afterwards we will all be heading to a club nearby to party, as João Paulo Cuenca spins his DJ set.

We will be guests at the Comic Action, (at the Messe Essen, Norbertstraße 2  45131, Essen), a comics convention that takes place in Essen, and we will have some siginings at the Panini Booth to promote Daytripper. Fábio will have two signings on Thursday, and I'll have just the one in the afternoon. And we'll both have two signings on friday.

11:30h - 13:30h - signing at Panini Booth (Hall 2, 2-C150) 
14:30h - 17:30h - signing at Panini Booth (Hall 2, 2-C150) 
25/10, friday:
11:30h - 13:30h - signing at Panini Booth (Hall 2, 2-C150) 
14:30h - 16:30h - signing at Panini Booth (Hall 2, 2-C150) 

And this is it for Germany. There's a lot of places to go, lots of people to meet, lots of different things to discover. We have heard only good things about Germany and we can't wait to get there. German people, German food, German beer, here we come.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Walter White

A Breaking Bad inspired image.
Farewell, Walter.