Thursday, April 15, 2004

Don't you wanna know their story?

I do. I look at this image and it already tells me something that I just yet can't understand. I need more. More than just one image. More than just one look.

But there's still no story. It's not written. More important, it's not drawn, for you can write all the comic books you want, they're still only scripts if the images aren't there. It's great to tell stories, to have interesting ideas and it's even greater to be able to do comic books, but it all takes so much time. After you have your idea and before people can see it in a comic book, lies an eternity. It feels like that, anyway.

And then there's the money. You know him, met him already. Everybody have. He's not someone you would miss if he walked by next to you, for everybody is staring at him. You wonder who's that guy people are looking at. Well, he's the money, and without him you can make all the comics you want and still nobody will see then.

Maybe the money is on your side. Is that enough?


You still need to be there. If you want to do your comic book, you need to take care of him. And, no matter what absent parents say, you can't take care of anything if you're far away. You need to be there, you have to answer questions, you have to make phone calls, you have to do a thousand things to make sure all those things are invisible to everybody else. All that people need to see is the comic book. All they need to read is the story. All they need to look at are the nice images.

And all they need to be left with is the undying desire for more.

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