Friday, May 07, 2004

Doing a comic book the brazilian way

PART ONE: get together.

There are a lot of ways of showing your work to people. You can show the original pages, you can show them the reduced xerox copies, you can even show all the pages with the balloons in place, ready to read.

And you can show them your comic book.

When you're a storyteller, you should pay attention to the story you'll tell, and it's always good to know where the story is going and how the story will end. So, if you just want to tell a story, just do the pages, but if you want to know how committed you are with your own work, nothing says it better then your own comic book. The effort alone to put a comic book together, see it through all the way fro the drawing board to the printer, and after that also go after sales , all that shows that there's nothing you'd rather be doing than comics. It's all in the attitude you take towards your work.

And so, I'm doing a comic book for the San Diego Comic Con. Not a single page is done yet, but that's what I'm doing, And I'll try to take every Friday to talk about the backstage process of the work.

First thing you have to do is guarantee the work force. This time around, it's not going to be only my brother and I, so we called up two of our friends, also brothers, to collaborate in this new endeavor. And we all got together last wednesday to talk about the story we wanted to tell.

It's very important to choose who you'll be working with in case the work is more personal. If you're not doing it for the money (what money?), then you really have to trust the people you work with. You are all sharing a dream, and no one want this dream to be shattered.

It only takes one person to do an entire comic book, and it also only takes one to destroy it, so when you're working in four people, make sure everybody knows what their parts are and get ready to work.

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