Sunday, June 13, 2004

Set your dream to ring. a true story

In my dream, I had just arrived in San Diego with the rest of the gang from this foreign shores. We were excited, it was a beautiful day and we were unpacking in our room, discussing what were we to do in that day, one prior to the opening of the convention. And then I remembered.

We didn't pre-registered to the convention. All those months ago, when we bought the plane tickets and arranged everything else, we forgot about the pre-registration for our professional badge. Probably, I kept thinking, because it was free and we were only focusing on money issues.

Now that the convention was just before us, we would have to go there and pay for our badge, get in that giant line and wait with that "I'm stupid" sign hanging in our forehead, just because we forgot to send a fax a month and a half ago. As all that just happened in my head and I said nothing to my friends, we all left the hostel filled with pure happiness, laughing and jumping, only worried about enjoying the day. The time had passed, I gathered, I was of no use to make them worry about nothing like me. In my dream, it was all my fault, but I didn't took it too seriously on myself, for I already knew as we kept walking on fifth avenue that I was dreaming.

And then I woke up.

I woke up and I started laughing. I still had time to get my free professional badge. I went and told my dream to my brother and he started laughing too. But the finishing touch came when we went to the convention site to get our forms:

It was THE LAST DAY. If I hadn't had that dream, it would have become my reality.

Now, we're set to go. The only thing that keeps worrying me is this other dreams I'm having, about talking monkeys driving cars. It sure makes me look twice before crossing the streets.

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