Friday, September 03, 2004

Yes, we're alive.

We've been having some very busy weeks. Not that we normally don't have work to do, but these days we got so much more work that I just didn't have time to sit and write anything down. When I did sit down, eventually, I slept. And I had wonderful dreams with beautiful women.

It's funny how connected the work seems nowadays, and how every now and then we're put face to face with our past, making it our present, and affecting our future. I can be a little dramatic in such statements, but I like the little coincidences of life. Here's one:

When we first met the AiT/Planet Lar people, last year, approaching them with Ursula, they showed us what kind of books they did and what was brand new at the time (you're always more enthusiastic about your brand new stuff). Among the releases, we got Last of the Independents, written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Kieron Dwyer. I knew Kieron's work before, but it was the first time I ever heard of Matt.

A year passed. Ursula is now out from AiT and, in a most unusual way, we heard the name Matt Fraction again, only this time around I found out that he works with advertising and such very profitable lines of work, and that he was working with some friends os mine here in Brazil. My friends called my brother and I to help out on the job, so we've been drawing like crazy on the most high-tech environment you could possibly imagine, pool table included, from noon to four in the morning every day for the past week. We still have a week ahead of us, and a lot more cool drawings to do.

When I can, I'll say what I'm working on so you can go and watch it. As of right now, I'll leave you with the promise that, as soon as I have more time to post decently, I'll tell more of the Smoke and Guns process, and maybe show some of the pages that are ready.