Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Are you looking?

Why do you hold back? What are you waiting for? What am I waiting for?

Nobody should wait. At least, we shouldn't wait and do nothing. If you're doing something, you're not waiting, you're building, we're learning, we're going towards something that, for better or worse, is ahead of us.

Only if we take the journey can we discover what's there.

Are you looking?


Anonymous said...

I am very happy now!!!! I'm fan of yours, I was woorking in a Shoop of t-shirts and Comics. I knows you there and I liked very much. I don't understending one thing. Do you are brasilians or americans, because I'm brasilian and sorry for my English because I don't pratic a long time. I saw yours fotolog and I "jumps" for happy.
Please, talk to me about yours.
Ps: I have The book "CRITICA" of yours. Thanks. Thays Elinne

Johnny Bacardi said...

You're absolutely right. And one of these days I'm going to get around to doing something about it.