Friday, April 08, 2005


First movement: the waiting
She waits for him every night,
And every night he comes.
While he doesn't arrive
She suffers
thinking he's not coming anymore.

Second movement: the longing
After he left,
she couldn't
go back to sleep.

Her body missed
the touch,
the heat,
the embrace.

Without his tenderness,
the silence became

she heard music
till dawn.


Fábio Moon said...

the text below each image is a translation from the original in portuguese contained in said image.

Hate Filled Poster said...

I love how expressive your figures seem to be, just in their poses and body language you can tell exactly how they are feeling. I could almost "read" the story from the pictures alone. The words enhance the effect.

Unknown said...

wow, not only you draw pretty cool but you are extremely good with words too. If I had that ability the Generic Cialis bottle in my cabinet wouldn't make such a fuzz