Friday, May 27, 2005

Last smoke.

another picture over at Larry's.

It has been a long month, filled with long days and long nights of hard work. Every day is work day, and all energy is used to push harder towards this dream I had that one day I would be done, I would be ready, and I come keep going.

This day was yesterday, as I went to work, wearing my best suit, to do the last page of Smoke and Guns.

I'll be talking about this month for years to come. This is the month I started looking at comics in a brand new manner, where everything is possible and any dream can come true.

Next week is my birthday, and I just gave myself the best present I possibly could:

I gave myself a shining bright future.

Let's get to it.


Anonymous said...

ƒ o melhor presente de anivers‡rio pra qualquer um.


Marko Umorista said...

Desculpe usar esse espa�o, mas n‹o sei onde tem o e-mail de voc�s. Queria pedir um coment‡rio de voc�s sobre a entrevista do Fabio ao Sequential Tart, para o resumo da semana. Boa sorte. Sucesso,sempre