Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Search for the ARTIST.


Mike Wieringo said...

This is just wonderful......


Fábio Moon said...

Thanks, Mike.

It's very nice of you to visit.
I wish I had your discipline so I could draw my pages and post sketches as often as you do.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, and as usual, very inspiring. I had a similar conversation with my girlfriend last night because I suddenly felt disheartened with work and comics. She made me realize that it's not easy, but it's what I love! So, why should I stop doing it?

On another note, I love the phone going "trim trim" and the change of perspective on the very last panel. Showing the crossroads was pretty genius.


Johnny Bacardi said...

Boy oh boy, does this one ever strike a chord with me.

Now if only my own blockheaded muse would show up and give me a pep talk...

Santiago said...

Hey Fabio, your stick figures comics are really great! Are you planning on making a mini or something like it with them? (I would certainly buy one!)

Fábio Moon said...


no plans on any minis as of today, but one day, who knows?

Johnny B,

the story is the Pep talk for all of us, not just for me. If you want o make it happen, make it!


Some people don't even notice the crossroad. Nice catch. Even if I had done a "real" version of it, with my normal style, I'm pretty sure it would be just like I did it here: some people would see the crossroad, and some wouldn't.

it really works the same way, no matter how well you draw. The important thing was to make the change a clear one and establish the crossroad well enough, which was very possible with the simple style.