Thursday, October 27, 2005

The ball drops- a Rock'n'Roll story.

I just realize that my Rock'n'Roll comic book is coming out from Image Comics in twenty days and that I haven't been talking about it non stop as I should be. I wonder why that is?

I know that, in the issue of previews it was solicited, it had a big preview (at least that was the impression I was given, as I never really saw the previews catalog), so it clearly should have grabbed people's attention there, mostly the retailers'. Hopefully, those retailers will order a good bunch of the book and everything will be alright, but it's never 100% safe in this world, is it?

Rock 'n' Roll is the closest thing my brother and I ever made to a perfect one shot comic book, it's the most fun idea we could come up with, with the most interesting characters we wanted to use, with the elements we all loved to read in comics as we were growing up.

It is also a big tribute to how much Mike Mignola changed the way we understood comics.

We came a long way since we saw the first issue of Roland - days of wrath go out into the world. Back then, we were completely unknown artists, self-publishing with a completely unknown writer from Santa Barbara, there was no big internet world to spread the word on your work, but since we had won the Xeric Foundation Grant, we had our share of media attention and we got some five thousand orders for the first issue, which to this day I think is a great start.

That was in 1999.

I wonder how many initial orders Rock'n'Roll will have.

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