Sunday, July 23, 2006

Rain maker.

One of the greatest things about going to comic book convention is meeting comic book creators, as we all work reclusively in our basements. Here in San Diego, it's like we're one big club and, no matter how movie and games oriented the convention has gotten, it's still the comics club, a place where we all love comics, and a place where we belong.

I have this impression that right now is a great time for comics. A lot of great comics are being published, a lot of creators are doing the kind of comics they love, no matter if they are super heroes or not. Now is a time of great passion for comics, and that just reflects on the comics.

Today, as part of the "announcements of the con", Dark Horse announced a new book my brother Ba is drawing, and he already did a signing alongside with the amazing James Jean, who just won an Eisner and is doing the covers, and with the writer of the series, a guy called Gerard Way.

The new comic book is called Umbrella Academy.

From left to right: Ba (with the hat), James Jean (with glasses) and Gerard Way (with gray hair).

While finishing the forth issue of Casanova last weekend, Ba did his first picture for the book, based on the characters the writer himself (who can draw pretty well and who has a band called My Chemical Romance) did and sent. I'm not sure they did show these image at the convention, so here it is:


artgyrl said...

Awesome. It's funny, I was just thinking that guy in the picture looked a lot like the lead singer of My Chemical Romance. It's cool to know that he's branching out to be a comic writer.

eleclya said...

Great! Do u know if the comic book will issue in italy??

Kisses from rome

p.s: are u gabriel ba's brother?

person said...

Some GUY?????? lol
Grey Hair???


he's fully awsome!

publish the umbrella academy in australia please

Nadine Black said...

"grey hair" made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Interesting to see that this guy is heading over to the comic genre, I believe he has to be tired of the Emo label everyone is giving him. Let's see if my friend Tadalafil is right and he shines Emo in the comic.

Unknown said...

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