Monday, August 06, 2007

Where are all the girls?

One of the few sketches Bá did at the convention that we photographed, and clearly a very intellectual concern of the modern artist.

But, seriously, where are all the girls? Maybe doing comics like Sugarshock will bring girls to comics. Maybe The Umbrella Academy will bring girls to comics. Maybe even the crazy sexual violence of Casanova will bring girls to comics. I can't answer that yet.

One thing I know, though.

We - my brother and I - bring girls to comics. We write for them, about them and in ways so that guys can understand girls, girls can understand guys, and we all can understand each other.


marina said...

mm, las garotas tambien leen comics, no crean que no tienen admiradoras, jaja, Saludos desde Argentina

Mike Wieringo said...

Girls/women are all off reading Manga. If we can do stories that appeal to women in the same way manga does... then they'll come back.

becky said...

haha, manga!

h said...

we're not all off reading manga... girls are here. we're just waiting for the right moment to strike and make our presence known :)

Traci Hui said...

What a lie! There were plenty of girls. I know I saw at least 7 of them; I shit you not.

Unknown said...

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