Thursday, October 18, 2007

Another umbrella on the air.

So, the new Umbrella Academy, issue two of the first series, has arrived. Have you got your copy yet? Tell us what did you think of it. We really want to know, even if it's bad. But, if it's bad, why is it bad, and how would it be good (if you didn't think it was good).

I really liked issue two, but what I can't wait is issue four. December is far away for all the regular readers, and Bá is just doing pages I never imagined possible.

Anyway, it's late here, and tomorrow morning we're leaving for a brazilian convention. We're releasing a new book here, and we'll have a panel on Sunday. Before that, we'll hang around with Eduardo Risso, Giancarlo Berardi and many other fine guests of the festival (such as ourselves). It's the best festival in Brazil to meet the independent artists, and it's a great way to see the fans of comics at large. We'll have our copies of 5 (which are not that many, and we might sell out of our stash), as well as our other cool books.

There are french guests, argentinean guests, american guests and even japanese guests. It's a very good festival, and we hope to meet a lot of new people, and see old friends.

I haven't seen Eduardo in three years.

To sleep now.

Next week, Casanova enters it's countdown as I officially enter "the last three issues" period. (By the way, issue 11 of Casanova is my best issue yet. I'm having a lot of fun with that crazy blue).


Geoffo said...

I love the design of the robots destroying the city. and the leader of the orchestra verdammten.

And Dave Stewart is doing great with the colors, though I prefer the green & white stuff which was used on Casanova (maybe because it was unusual).

Does make it on his own or is there some propositions from Gabriel (or even Fabio)?

Maybe what's missing is a big real fight that's says why they are the Umbrella Academy but I think we'll see it in number 3.

Can't wait to have it.

Corey Waits said...

I'm absolutely loving the art; Gabriel's art has more of a Mignola-vibe to it when it's fully coloured.

Still not sure what to make of the writing after two issues. Compared to Casanova the writing seems really decompressed; Even with an extra 8 pages to play with it seems like nothing really happens. And then when we do learn something new it usually comes across as exposition or it simply doesn't make any sense (Number 5 getting mathematical assistance from a broken mannequin? Maybe it was meant to be funny, but it wasn't).

I dunno, I love the art, but I'm not going to be able to justify continuing to purchase this book if the story doesn't grab me...

Jon NG said...

hay! i m one of ur comic reader! well i like the intro but it was short to me, because the transition was so fast, they all grew up so fast. i expected more of what happened when they were kids but it made me wonder what was to come! which was cool. i like ur styles, u n ur bro rite? man i wish i ve someone to work w/! i m a illustrator, i just wish i can draw all day long and gets paid. hay keep up the good stuff coming! i m living in singapore... i would never thought i would b talkin to the creator of the UNBRELLA ACED! i am thinkin of gettin a copy of ur other novel, De:tale in singapore if not i hope to get it from u mayb! lol! PEACE OUT!

Unknown said...

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