Saturday, March 29, 2008

Inking with a brush

Bá caught me inking one of the most recent pages in video. We were talking to a young brazilian cartoonist who was here at the studio, and he's the one dong most of the talking at the beginning of the video, then there's the silence I fall into every time I ink, and then there are the small talk Bá and I exchange when we're drawing, which can be very confusing to the outsiders in its half finished sentences and inside references.

But the inking is nice, I guess, and maybe we could do these video things more often. Maybe when I'm not drawing the last issue with a lot of surprises, we could show me inking a more interesting portion of a page.


Comic Tools said...

Oh, absolutely YES, please do! I picked up a few techniques just watching this clip. I don't think there's nearly enough out there in terms of inking demonstrations, and watching it done is by far the best way to learn. More videos would be a fantastic resource for any cartoonist.

Steve Scott said...

Hi, yes I second that. This is lovely to watch.
Always interesting to see the process.

Jehu Campos said...

:O I third that! I need to practice my inking for a hundred hours to be half as amazing as this. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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