Friday, May 02, 2008

Pixu thumbnails

In an independent project like PIXU, you have to establish your own deadlines, and than break these deadlines into smaller deadlines. This way, you won't get behind on your self-imposed schedule and you'll be able to balance doing it at the same time as your other projects.

Since we did 5 last year, we have been talking about what to do next, and we seriously decided to do another ensemble comic around january.

We'll be set up at the Image big booth in San Diego, just like last year. As soon as we decided to do another book, we knew we would need a booth, because our strong independent sales were always done directly with the reader, so we needed a place to tell the reader "this is where you'll find us and buy our book".

We spent at least two months working out the script part, talking in the internet with each other, some times from three different continents. The fact that a project like this is only possible because of the internet is an understatement.

Right now, we're doing the thumbnails. Becky is always the fastest one and, since Bá is already drawing more Umbrella Academy pages, I'm second on the thumbnail count.

Here are two pages from my thumbnails:


weshoyot said...

I'm really excited. I finally got to read '5' the other day and it's just wonderful! Can't wait to see what you two come up with next

Ben said...

Sooo . . . just to clarify my own confusion, will I be able to buy this if I am not in San Diego?

Fábio Moon said...

Ben, You'll be able to buy it online (at or at whaverer comic stores we can talk into carrying the book.

Then again, if by any chance we run out of our 1000 print run in SDCC, I guess it will be a little bit more difficult.

Ben said...

Hmm . . . I'll have a word with my boss. (I work at a comic shop)

Also, I just read de:Tales, and it was awesome. Just so you guys know . . .

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