Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Umbrella Academy series starts TODAY!

The first issue of the new Umbrella Academy series hits the stands today.
I've been working on it since May and it will finally be seen. There's a lot of crazy stuff on this series, much more than the first one.
Go grab your copy NOW.

Umbrella Academy cover issue 1

And take a look at the most amazing thing Paper Action Figure Man sent me:

And while you're at it, what about pre-ordering the PVC Figure Set, due to hit the stores on April 2009?


Anthony said...

I just read it and it is really, really good.

Love the crazy Lincoln statue.

Fabian Göranson said...

Really enjoyed it! I should really reread all issues before getting on with a new one but yay, we're in for yet another ride. No5s scene at the end is amazing and the hint to your side project 5, which I haven't read, is a nice detail.

Just wish you'd turn off the Blogger-only comments here.
/Jan Bielecki

deviantboy said...

Loved it!!

are the original art pages already sold?

Will you sell to the public?



Originals for this second series won't be available so soon, but we have pages from the first series at the Beguiling store.

You can find some of Fábio's artwork also.

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