Tuesday, January 06, 2009



Let the season begin.

Let us all find more time to work on what we love, to spend time with our friends, family and lovers, let us read more and learn every day something new. Let us all start the new year in a new way. Let's just make something we're proud of.

Let us all do something that matters.

Let's hunt our dreams with our art, let's put down our fear with our love for challenges. Let's challenge ourselves. Let's grow.


Brian Churilla said...

Wow. Fantastic.

Roland MacDonald said...

Nice sentiments for the new year. Gorgeous painting.

Rico said...

Amen to that. I agree with your sentiments for the new year!
Beautiful watercolours.

azhar said...

agree with you mr Fabio..

have to challenge my self to do more watercolor werks..and be good as you..

still wonder..how to inkwash ..brush ink like you..

valerio.nizi@gmail.com said...

Hi guys!I've finished your volume de:tales(in italy,my country published in these days)and I like to thank you for the fresh,true beauty of your pages.you're an example to follow,cause there's people who dream again outhere!;) V