Monday, March 16, 2009

PIXU interview and preview.

We're focusing on drawing some pages,which is what we need to do right now. We want to work a little faster, and a little longer, and we want it to look its best, so we'll keep quiet for some days (or weeks). All for the sake of comics.

Two links related to our beloved group project, PIXU:

An interview with the four creators about working together and creating a complex horror story

A 17-page preview of PIXU, so you know what's in store when you have this beauty in your hands.

We just saw the design of the hardcover, and it will be awesome. It already is. We're so very proud of this story and we're thrilled it will be collected and in hardcover. Nothing says horror book more than a hardcover. Only maybe a dusty hardcover, but that will happen in time when you have your copy of PIXU in your shelf, and the years pass and you never open the book because you'll be scared of what is inside.

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