Monday, June 22, 2009

A piece of the interview

If you click HERE, you can read an excerpt from our interview for The Comics Journal #298, which should be out for sale on Wednesday, June 24th. We did this interview over the course of many days, and each days could be weeks or months apart. Most of it was done before last year's SDCC, and some of it was done at the beginning of this year to talk about all our current projects (Daytripper, BPRD 1947 and Umbrella) and to also talk about all the Eisners we got last year, which took us completely by surprise (the "getting all those Eisners" part, not the "being interviewed about it" part).

The reporter conducting the interview, Diego Assis, is a brazilian reporter, and I think this fact gave the questions an interesting "foreign" point of view. The interviewer is an outsider, and so are the artists being interviewed. Also, he had a much better view of our career both in the US and in Brazil, while an american reporter would only have an idea of what we have published in the US market.

One interesting detail caught my attention: we did this interview in portuguese, and I'm guessing Diego did the translation. You can say we have a much stronger "accent" on his translation of the words.

What caught Bá's attention was that they had Eduardo Risso's name misspelled - and we know he's from Argentina.

We have a brazilian literary festival coming up in a few weeks, and two weeks after that, the San Diego Comic-con, so I think we'll have to really bury ourselves in the work for the following month in order to finish up everything we need to do. the hardcover edition on PIXU- the Mark of Evil should be out now or soon, and in July, BPRD 1947 starts coming out. Keep an eye out for this releases, and enjoy our interview at TCJ.

Thanks for reading, and back to work.


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