Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Four panel sketch

 brush pen sketch

I was testing this new brush pen Bá bought. Good tip, but it's not waterproof. Because of that, I can play with it and pretend I'm doing cool ink washes, but it's not what I would trust my art on if I'm doing story pages. Definetely an improvement when it comes to sketching and designing stuff, because regular pens, or even pencil sketches, are very different from what I do with brushes.

Let's see what this new tool will do to my sketchbooks.

Back to the pages now.


valium said...

cool sketches !!
maybe you should try the pentel brush pen. it's waterproof and the closest thing I've tried to a real brush !!

Mark Kardwell said...

Nice little Paul Pope tribute on the top right!

Ben said...

Those guys are great. It'd make a cool T-Shirt or something. Definitely something.

Pollock said...

fantastic job ! Ilike si much

Unknown said...

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