Thursday, October 22, 2009


It was in the end of 2008 when Diana called us to do a story for her Noir anthology. Of all the things she could have said to invite us to the project (we would have done it in a blink anyway, because it was for her), she just had the perfect two words:

Brian Azzarello

We've known Brian for some time and it was just great to finally be able to work with him. He's got this twisted mind, one that sometimes we wished we had when we're coming up with new stories, and it was nice to get inside his twisted mind for a while and draw this story.

Now, the book is out. Check the link here and look for it on your comic book store. There's a great selection of crime fiction in it from a all star list of creators. I'm a suspect, for I love all of Diana's anthology projects, but this one is a killer.


Leandro said...
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Erick Carjes said...

Vocês desenhando Brian Azzarello? Bom demais para ser verdade!

Definitivamente fará parte de minha coleção!

RAWLS said...

Beautiful!!! Looks great!

azhar said...

Mr Fabio.

you inspire be as good as you sir. love the inking.

now i know the tricks...keep it simple and minimalist.

Felipe Domingos said...

Muito legal o trampo de vocês.


Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

Oh my!!! You are just too true to be good. How do you manage to write and research on such wonderful things? You have inspired me to work harder now. I shall try as much as possible to enjoy life to the fullest and be satiated with the wonderful things that are around me, which I have been unaware of until now.


Rhadamantis said...

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