Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BLOG WAR - part 2

Both Craig and I agree that maybe Blog War isn't the best title (too violent, too macho), but we were just excited to work together on something, so...

This is actually part 2 of our little collaboration, part 1 being on Craig's blog. Check it out to know what we did before we went to dinner.


So... Cool, no?

Let's continue.

Mike Allred and Laura Allred joined us right at the end of the music concert, and off we went to this incredible wine bar called Kir. We were greeted by Joe Sacco on the way in, and after a couple bootle of wine, he eventually found his way to our table.

It was an incredible night. The conversation was inspiring, the company was lovely, and we were so jazzed by it that we just kept on drawing. Joe Sacco got the best sketches, I think. We left in high spirit, and we had some challenges ahead of us: could we do this night justice in ours sketches?

And more importantly: could we top this experience on our next adventure?

to be continued...


Stuffed said...

Good stuff so far, so amazed at all the colors you and Craig used - makes it feel like so much more than just 'sketches.'

Thi Bui said...

Great sketches! I've been following CT's blog and now have yours to follow!

Luciano said...

cara, eu sou brasileiro e acho maravilhoso que gente de minha terra seja admirada e reconhecida internacionalmente. cara, vc está trabalhando com o Craig!!!!!!
muito legal!
parabens mesmo, fabio!!!!
Luciano Leite - São Luis/MA - Brasil (este grande e confuso país)

Unknown said...

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