Friday, May 07, 2010

Daytripper 6 and the trips around the world!

Time is ticking and our lives keep spinning like they never did before as we approach the last month of production of our beloved Daytripper. We've seen the white light and we're walking towards it.

We are halfway there and everything starts to make a little more sense on our story, as we know the characters better and begin to understand what their roles are and the reasons behind their actions. Next week, a new issue hits the stores. It relates directly to issues 4, 7, 9 and well... it's not going to be easy on Brás.

Daytripper cover 6

Daytripper 6
• Cover by GABRIEL BÁ

When life takes us by surprise and makes everyone want to close their eyes, Brás finally gains something he's been waiting his entire life to find. But he would trade it all to know what happened in Rio

These solicitation texts are so exciting to write.

After we cross that final line, we'll start the crazy tour around the globe, spreading the love of comics all around. As seen on the previous post, we'll go to Portugal to be part of the VI Festival Internacional de BD de Beja, then we'll open an exposition on the comic-store Mundo Fantasma in Porto.

After a short break, we'll go to London to participate on the massive Festival Brazil, where we'll do a panel about our work and how we take Brazil with us in it, on July 5th. We'll be there until July 19th and we're planning a signing on a store in London, since we'll have both Casanova and Daytripper fresh out of the oven. And, of course, we're gonna watch the World Cup finals there, drinking lots of pints and celebrating.

We'll leave the UK and go straight to the San Diego Comic Con International from July 21st till 26th. And let's have some fun while we're there, shall we?

Well, if that not enough, I'll go to Bolívia to be part of the 8avo Viñetas con Altura, in La Paz from August 2nd till 8th, then Santa Cruz from 10th till 15th.

We have a little more traveling to do, but I think I have to get back to work now. Don't miss Daytripper 6 on May 12th and we'll see you around... really.


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Paul said...

Just read daytripper 6. Really haven't had a comic affect me like this since Maus. Really brilliant, beautiful work, guys.

Bruno Porto said...

Thanks for the awesome portrait of Rio :D

dany said...

another amazin story, and am i wrong or is the truck driver the same guy iv seen on this blog on a napkin?

Fábio Moon said...

The truck driver is the guy on the napkin. I created him on a bar waiting for some friends.

Budjette said...

Dear Mr. Moon & Ba!

Hello from Manila, Philippines!

I have been a fan ever since a friend of mine gave me a copy of DE:TALES and have followed you work on THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY and now look forward to every issue of DAYTRIPPER.

I don't collect a lot of the monthly titles these days, preferring to wait for the compiled trades, but DAYTRIPPER is one of those titles that I really must get as soon as it hits the shelves.

Can't wait to see how it all ends, but I'm also hoping that it won't end.

By the way, I read about this contest and remember Bras:

Many thanks for all the wonderful stories!

--budjette tan

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