Friday, January 28, 2011

And then...

I'm writing something for another blog that I could have easily written for this one. It's about our work and about our love for comics, and about our inspirations and influences for Daytripper. We've said something about it in here before, and I guess we could talk about it for days, months, even years. We love what we do and, if we're not careful, we talk about it ALL THE TIME.

Kinda boring if you're in a conversation circle and it's not a hot topic.

Luckily for us, since Daytripper is coming out next week as a trade in comic shops, we had the opportunity to talk about work a lot in half a dozen interviews, so we're more than satisfied in that area. Let's turn our attentions to another area, then, called "future projects".

self 26/01/2011

I did this sketch at the beach while thinking about this "future projects" area.

It's a nice area.

A secret area.

Kind of like Area 51, you know. Secret. If you think that 51 is the brand of strong pinga here in Brazil (not the best one, I'm afraid), then I think we have the perfect mix of influences to try to start to explain our future projects.

Except that we're not going to explain our future projects.


That would ruin the fun, now wouldn't it?

We're just going to go back to work.


Disclaimer: the picture above has nothing to do with the so called "future projects". I just thought it looked nice.


Ana said...

Looking forward for every new thing from you guys, because no matter what, I'm pretty sure it's gonna make me happy. :D
Nice picture by the way, I saw the photograph on the Instagram. :)

Cafe Vienna said...

Can´t wait for new comic books from you guys! :D

Brad C. said...

I picked up "Daytripper" monthly last year. I'm happy to see the collected edition to give to friends on gift-giving occasions. Is there any chance of a hardcover or absolute edition in the future?

Unknown said...

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