Thursday, December 22, 2011

FCBD Serenity story

That story I did I just wrote about on the last post? It's a Serenity story, written by Zack Whedon, and it will be one of Dark Horse Free Comic Book Day's offerings. Yes, FREE!
The interview I did about it? It here on this link so you can check it out. If you want, you can also check it out what the writer has to say about the story on this other link, and than you'll discover my book will actually be a flipbook, and the flip story is a Star Wars story with Han Solo and Chewbacca! How cool is that?
the month of May can't arrive soon enough.

1. You can see how my thumbnail sketch looks like when I'm showing it to the editors and writers. This is how I get pages aproved.
2. The final panel.


Anonymous said...

Dark Horse...your days are numbered with IRA- Rick and Rice.
And Joss Whedon who is Biden got a Hetu screw in the neck.
And it's cause of Red Don and Zetas - Arizona .
CK- he's delivering much faster than anybody ever thought.
Manchin- she's the " bible " Mel carried and for decades.
But don't tell Cho.
She'd get " overly- excited".

Lioness said...

Looking forward to seeing you and the comic in Toronto in May.

Unknown said...

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