Thursday, April 05, 2012

Daytripper - Au jour le jour

The French edition of our beloved Daytripper is ready, a beautiful hardcover, and it will be out on April 27th, published by Urban Comics, a division of the Dargaud group. We will be in Napoli for NAPOLI COMICON at the time and I hope I can get my hands in one copy (aside from the Italian and Spanish editions as well. Yes, I think the European market is all connected and works as one big thing. I know it's not that simple).
There's a nice new introduction by Cyril Pedrosa (and it keeps the beautiful illustrated piece by Craig Thompson). You can get all the information about the book here.

Daytripper - french edition

Thanks everyone who made it possible, specially François, who took such good care of our book at Urban Comics.

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