Saturday, July 07, 2012

BPRD originals at SDCC 2012

Both Fábio and I have been big fans of Mike Mignola's work for a long time and when he began Hellboy, it just blew our brains with his amazing style and perfect mix of fun story, great characters, amazing design and overwhelming use of black&white art.
It was a great honor to have worked with him on BPRD:1947.
So if you're a fan of the Hellboy universe as well, you'll be happy to know we're bringing original pages for SDCC next week! We have a bunch already with the folks at Beguiling and I'm sure they're bringing them all this to the show, but here's the new selection of pages (click on the pages to see a bigger version).
bprd1947-04-p18 bprd1947-04-p19 bprd1947-04-p20
bprd1947-04-p21 bprd1947-05-p19 bprd1947-05-p20
bprd1947-05-p21 bprd1947-05-p22
It's great to create characters that survive your story and move forward on their own. Ota, the priest we helped creating for this series, has new adventures of his own on the series Cameron Stewart is doing, called BPRD - Hell on Earth: Exorcism. Go check it out.

So if you're going to SDCC, stop by our booth (#1320) and check out all the original pages we have there, as well of all the amazing comics too, of course.


Roland MacDonald said...

I totally loved this story and your artwork. You totally nailed it. Are you selling these? I am interested in pg18 or 20

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